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Learning Your Child's Love Language - Together With Family

Stranger Danger Family Home Evening Lesson

"Heaven is not a prize for the perfect, but the future home of all who are willing to be perfected." - Brad Wilcox, in The Continuous Conversion

How to Stop the Whining and Crying in Kids

How to Stop the Whining and Crying in Kids -

Love and Logic Rule #2 Poster | Repinned by Melissa K. Nicholson, LMSW wws.adoptioncouns...

2 Rules of Love and Logic Parenting | Repinned by Melissa K. Nicholson, LMSW wws.adoptioncouns...

How to Raise Thankful Kids in an Entitled World - Raising Mighty Arrows

some really unique ideas. No, really. I. LOVE. THESE. Going to do an FHE asap and start a few of these!!!

Being Kind in our world: My Thoughts This Christmas Eve

Love and Logic Module #2 Video 4

“I get all the arguments against it (adopting a child). I even get the one that says I don’t know if I want to bring another kid into this world. But how do you argue with the logic of loving one that’s already here?" #Martian Child #foster care #adoption

Love and Logic Speed-E Solutions: A Message of Encouragement for Foster and Adoptive Parents (MP3 download)

Kerry Stutzman, MSW, talks with parents about using Love and Logic™ "one liners" to end an argument with their kids peacefully and lovingly. One example she gives is "I love you too much to argue. ( I don't sing my one liners just say them softly. This works so well in the classroom)

Love and Logic Techniques for Toddlers

Let's do it! With love and logic!

Parenting Teens With Love And Logic (Updated and Expanded Edition) (A Modern Girl's Bible Study)

Love and Logic: Turn Words to Gold.

Jim Fay / Love and Logic is the best! Started using and teaching it when the boys were 9 months and 4 yrs. old and I still use today at 13 yrs. & 16 yrs. .....and I can say I love my teenagers!!!

How parents can destroy the effectiveness of consequences | The Momiverse | | Article by: Shiloh Lundahl | Love and Logic, parenting, teaching kids to think

How to get kids to listen Love and Logic

Love and Logic, bucket filling

#ADHD Using play therapy techniques. Teaching with Love and Logic Introduction. Learn how to deal with power struggles!!

Jim Fay explains how to get your kids to do their chores by using the Love and Logic philosophy. (think about applying this to the classroom)

Love and Logic Teaches Empathy...I love this parenting method and have taken the class a couple different times, eyeopening each time~ ♥

love and logic videos.

If Kids Can Hear Promises, They Can Hear Requests. #parenting #tips from Love and Logic #family #kids