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'Psych? Yeah I saw it once but I didn't really like it... And I hate Pineapples. ' said no one ever.

Organized People Are Just Too Lazy to Look for Stuff sign-organized sign, office cubicle decor, funny saying, primitive home decor, sarcastic plaque

Night shift problems

Night shift, holidays and Mondays

True! But I am a night girl. I can't fire up for this early morning stuff...

By this time I've usually gotten my second wind so that I can plow through my last hour with relative ease.

Welcome to the Night shift....Where you lose the sense of compassion for humanity and your social life doesn't matter.

'I love sleeping alone.' Said no night shift spouse ever.

Loved the years I worked the night shift BUT I am much more alert now!

What happens when you work the night shift lol! I've loved working nights but I am so happy that I'll be working days again soon. I have missed out on so much!

I've forgotten what it's like to have a normal sleeping pattern. (Welcome to night shift!) #nursing #quotes #sarcasm