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The how's and what's on #babymassage. Interview! "Don't make play just for one moment in a day"... @Mel Avila raising playful tots

Turn your ultrasound into art work for your baby room. Whoa!!

Detailed Page of different styles/brands of wraps...

The top 4 things you need to know to protect against SIDS

Tired of Cheerios? Over 40 Finger Foods Your Baby Will Love. (This may be for babies, but it still has good snack ideas even for older children.)

Tired of Cheerios? 50+ Finger Foods Your Baby Will Love

This is SO cool!! Each baby shower guest is assigned a letter & is asked to bring that letter decorated for the nursery. How awesome-an easy way to get all the letters:)

20 Reasons You'll Miss Being Pregnant

20 Reasons You'll Miss Being Pregnant
  • Naomi Stott

    Haha talk about rose-coloured glasses! I only miss that "feeling special" bit. :)

BBT charting for use with clomid for PCOS. My blog tells about my journey getting healthy using the paleo diet.

Metformin. What you need to know.

11 common labor positions, pros and cons

Position Statement

What to do when your breastfeeding baby bites wise-and-frugal-mommy