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Brother Vs. Brother

Are you #TeamJonathan or #TeamDrew? Watch Brother Vs. Brother to see the ultimate renovation showdown -- Sundays at 9/8c. #BROVSBRO

@Jonathan Silver Scott and I had a bet to see who would win season 2 of #BroVsBro....the loser had to rub the winner's feet =)

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Final #BroVsBro blog is up on @HGTV .com!

  • Cinasuger

    This is too cute!

  • Rachel Carter

    Love the socks!

  • Jessica Bove

    great pics

  • K Anne McGee

    I sooooooooooo love that you guys wear argyle socks... did you wear them in high school/university... btw.. have you gotten your degrees? or just took all those classes? (university).. I'm an advocate of 'don't stop Learning'.. wow! That sounds like a great name for an organization...that I suppose I should form. hmmm...need to Learn how to do that. Ha!:-)

Hahaha...I love this!

Gotta say my abs look pretty good in this #BroVsBro pic lol! #TeamDrew

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Hahaha...too funny! @Drew Scott will LOVE this =) #TeamJonathan

  • Kit Allen

    Jonathan, I was watching the property brothers marathon runner episode. I love that chandelier that was used in the master suite and noticed it's been featured in several episodes. Can you please tell me where it's from??? Love your shows!!!!


    Ha ha ha! I will keep saying this, you are the man!

We're ready for our close-up =) #TeamDrew

#TeamJonathan Family Room

#TeamJonathan Kitchen

#TeamDrew Living Room

Jonathan's dogs, Gracie and Stewie, are constant companions on the set of Brother Vs Brother. Can we get an "Awww"?

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@Jonathan Silver Scott can't compete with #TeamDrew in the style department =)

Here's to freeeeeeedom & a #BroVsBro victory for #TeamJonathan =)

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#TeamJonathan...coming soon to a coffee shop near you =)

Choose wisely =) #TeamDrew

So true =) #TeamDrew

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That's one stylish pup =) #TeamDrew

The #BroVsBro season finale airs this Sunday on @HGTV at 9pm e/p....which team are you on?? #TeamJonathan

Love this behind-the-scenes photo of #TeamJonathan! There's even more on @HGTV .com!

Who wouldn't want to cruise around in this?? #TeamJonathan

Looks like @Drew Scott finally came around to joining #TeamJonathan =)

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What's your #1 reason for being #TeamJonathan??

  • Debbie Shoenfelt


  • Leslie Rodriguez

    Good with your hands, te-he :-)

  • Erin Carrott

    That grin makes me wonder, what did you do?

  • Alyssa

    You hypnotize me with your smile. Haha just kidding, you have the most wonderful sense of design, and not to mention the same exact sense of humor as me.

  • Lucy lolikinga

    Ummmmm I think that you have a lot of patience with The people and in specially with drew lol

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