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Brother Vs. Brother

Are you #TeamJonathan or #TeamDrew? Watch Brother Vs. Brother to see the ultimate renovation showdown -- Sundays at 9/8c. #BROVSBRO

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Brother Vs. Brother

  • 138 Pins

@Jonathan Silver Scott and I had a bet to see who would win season 2 of #BroVsBro....the loser had to rub the winner's feet =)

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Final #BroVsBro blog is up on @HGTV .com!

  • Cinasuger

    This is too cute!

  • Rachel Carter

    Love the socks!

  • Jessica Bove

    great pics

  • K Anne McGee

    I sooooooooooo love that you guys wear argyle socks... did you wear them in high school/university... btw.. have you gotten your degrees? or just took all those classes? (university).. I'm an advocate of 'don't stop Learning'.. wow! That sounds like a great name for an organization...that I suppose I should form. hmmm...need to Learn how to do that. Ha!:-)

  • Marcia Everett

    First time I've seen Drew looking heavier than Jonathan.

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Hahaha...I love this!

Gotta say my abs look pretty good in this #BroVsBro pic lol! #TeamDrew

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Hahaha...too funny! @Drew Scott will LOVE this =) #TeamJonathan

We're ready for our close-up =) #TeamDrew

#TeamJonathan Family Room

#TeamJonathan Kitchen

#TeamDrew Living Room

Jonathan's dogs, Gracie and Stewie, are constant companions on the set of Brother Vs Brother. Can we get an "Awww"?

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@Jonathan Silver Scott can't compete with #TeamDrew in the style department =)

Here's to freeeeeeedom & a #BroVsBro victory for #TeamJonathan =)

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#TeamJonathan...coming soon to a coffee shop near you =)

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Choose wisely =) #TeamDrew

So true =) #TeamDrew

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That's one stylish pup =) #TeamDrew

The #BroVsBro season finale airs this Sunday on @HGTV at 9pm e/p....which team are you on?? #TeamJonathan

Love this behind-the-scenes photo of #TeamJonathan! There's even more on @HGTV .com!

Who wouldn't want to cruise around in this?? #TeamJonathan

Looks like @Drew Scott finally came around to joining #TeamJonathan =)

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What's your #1 reason for being #TeamJonathan??

  • Leslie Rodriguez

    Good with your hands, te-he :-)

  • Erin Carrott

    That grin makes me wonder, what did you do?

  • Alyssa

    You hypnotize me with your smile. Haha just kidding, you have the most wonderful sense of design, and not to mention the same exact sense of humor as me.

  • Lucy lolikinga

    Ummmmm I think that you have a lot of patience with The people and in specially with drew lol

  • Melissa Saldana

    Because you are very creative and you are very talented

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