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HGTV Clever Solutions

Want to hear “How did you think of THAT?” from your visitors? This is a good place to start.

Vintage milk glass vases serve as stylish countertop storage for bathroom essentials. Design by Sarah Richardson

Sarah's Suburban House: New Home, Classic Style

A shabby chic table setup can be as intricate or simple as you like. This outdoor table setting proves that simple layered tablecloths, subtle floral patterns and plain china pieces can be just as beautiful when used modestly.

12 Shabby Chic Essentials We Love

Everyday objects can become focal points in your bathroom if you look at them with an artist's eye. When the design team at Birdhouse Interior Design opted not to use an original door in this 1910 farmhouse remodel, they repurposed it as an art piece in the bathroom. It's coated in chalkboard paint and scrawled with a whimsical Dr. Seuss quote. Photo by Dana Damewood

Transform Your Bathroom With DIY Decor

A footed dish elevates the mundane and frees up counter space to boot. Fashion a pedestal for your powder room out of a china plate and a short crystal candlestick. To give your soap a lift, flip a fancy teacup upside down and top it with the matching saucer.

Decorate Your Bathroom With Thrift Store Finds

No budget for artwork? Find an extra frame and print something from a free printable website, or design your own graphic art. To create this bright accent, Michelle Hinckley of 4 Men 1 Lady painted a frame citron yellow and used her computer to turn the classic "Keep Calm and Carry On" print into a gentle reminder for her three boys.

(Almost) Free Bathroom Updates

Before you discard furniture, ask one last time: "Is there another way to use this?" A dresser with missing drawers might seem like trash, but if it still has shelves, it can be a treasure. Give it a fresh coat of paint and you've got a whimsical bureau for your boudoir. Photo by Jennifer and Kitty O'Neil

(Almost) Free Bathroom Updates

Bathroom essentials look neater piled atop a tray, but other household items, like painted cookie sheets or even mirrors, can do the job just as well. In the 2009 HGTV Green Home, designer Linda Woodrum used this mother-of-pearl mirror as a pretty base for glass jars and decorative accessories.

(Almost) Free Bathroom Updates

The best way to decorate for free? Shop for items in other rooms of the house. In this modern rustic bathroom, designer Sarah Richardson transforms seldom-used candy dishes into a ring holder and a soap dish. An aging garden figurine adds vintage charm to this vanity vignette.

(Almost) Free Bathroom Updates
  • Maryjo Goeing

    Older rectangular glass butter dishes with silver plated lids/covers make great holders for Qtips and cotton balls-they stay hidden and sanitary but the container looks elegant

Adding a designer touch is a cinch with this project. Simply surround a small round unframed mirror (check your local craft store's candle department) with bare branches gathered in your backyard. Strip all leaves and limbs for a smooth look, then attach the branches to the mirror with hot glue.

15 (Almost!) Free Living Room Updates

If you read in your living room, a good light is needed near your favorite reading spot. A floor or table lamp next to a chair, sofa or on a desk should provide the right amount of light. Design by Katie Leavy.

Lighting a Room the Right Way

These faux-painted sliding barn-wood "doors" provide a clever and stylish solution to concealing the TV when not in use. Plus, the rustic look blends beautifully with this traditional living room's neutral color palette and doesn't overpower the lovely stone fireplace.

Traditional Living Room in Lake Tahoe
  • Deb Currinder

    I wanted to mount my tv above the fireplace but how do you do that on faux stone? Also, where are the wires? It looks beautiful but is it really possible?

  • Jeannine Day

    Not in use? What's that?

  • Julie Baker (Lapic)

    I would have painted the doors a darker color or stain and distressed them instead

Bedside tables are an essential part of a bedroom suite, but don't feel confined to only using furniture pieces intended to be used as side tables. Petite dressers, servers and desks can all be used as side tables that provide loads of storage. For a tight space, use an antique stool, plant stand or even a wall-mounted corbel.

Bring Character to a Bedroom With Thrifty Finds

Bring a handmade feel and sense of history to a space with a vintage crochet bedspread, heirloom quilt or an all-white matlasse or coverlet. Look for spreads that are machine washable and relatively free of holes or stains.

Bring Character to a Bedroom With Thrifty Finds

Paint an End Table! Make garage sale end tables modern with a coat of high-gloss paint and some new hardware. Design by Kristin Fountain Davis

1 Can of Paint, 50 New DIY Projects

Instantly change the look of your bedroom with an easy custom headboard slipcover.

Make an Easy Headboard Slipcover

Dylan is as much of a Star Wars fan today as his dad, Jason was in the early 1980s. To pay tribute to something they both love equally, a photographer took professional images of Jason's old Star Wars figures against a gray backdrop, printed them in black-and-white, placed them in red glossy frames and hung them as an installation.

Blue and Red Boy's Bedroom

In addition to illuminating the space, sculptural lighting can double as art. In this midcentury modern basement, a striking starburst fixture made of smoked chrome beautifully reflects light during the day, and after dark, its modern globe bulbs keep the area brightly lit.

13 Ways to Lighten and Brighten Your Basement

Looking to add a colorful touch to your basement without any commitment or major expense? Simply frame graphic art to break up white or neutral walls. Since graphic art is clean and simple, it can be appreciated by children as much as adults.

13 Ways to Lighten and Brighten Your Basement

Turn a sunny window into a spot for displaying a collection of your favorite kitchen items. Vintage pieces in a similar color palette are especially lovely when grouped together. Kitchen window shelves are also the perfect location for growing light-loving herbs and flowering plants.

13 (Almost!) Free Kitchen Updates

Painting the stair risers and skirtboard black allows the large-scale birch-patterned wallpaper on the stair risers to stand out, as seen on HGTV's Cousins on Call.

Step Up Your Staircase Design