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HGTV Dream Home 2013

Check out the VIP tour and see what insiders had to say about the home; including the architects, master carpenter, show producers and host. Starting Dec. 28 at 9 am EST, enter for a chance to win!

Keep up with the latest HGTV Dream Home 2013 news on the Dreams Happen HGTV Home Giveaway Blog w/ Managing Online Editor, Mary Graff. (She's been the voice behind @hgtv all night! Thank you Mary!)

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Shout out to the hard-working online HGTV Dream Home team! Shown from left: Photographer Eric Perry, managing online editor Mary Graff, photographer Bruce Cole, photography assistant (and all-around great guy) Scott Linsdeau, director of digital special projects Jeannine Shipp, senior visual designer Daniel Pratt.

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Special Thanks to our HGTV Dream Home team for joining us tonight!

  • Helene Fiske

    Was born in Charleston and grew up on James Island. You have all done such a wonderful job creating the perfect low-country southern lifestyle home! Just looking at the pictures brings back wonderful memories of family, friends, and Southern hospitality. Hope I am the lucky winner as I could easily live out the rest of my life looking at the marsh, smelling the pluff mud at low tide, and listening to the marsh hens call in the early morning light! Thanks for all you attention to the habitat and blending the house to perfeclty into it! GREAT JOB!

  • Land & Garden ❀

    beautiful work!

  • Pamela Crutcher

    Go Dream Team!!

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Don't miss the big HGTV Dream Home 2013 Special with Monica Pedersen! The show airs on New Year's Day at 7 p.m. EST. Start the year off right!

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Don't miss a single detail of the Low-Country Zen cottage that could be yours! See HGTV Dream Home in a whole new light! World-class photographer Eric Perry captures magnificent detail, up close and personal, in a series of almost 100 spectacular photos -->

  • Jeannine Jones

    Eric Perry is an amazing photographer! We are so lucky to work with him on these homes.

  • Jill Roberts

    Lovely photos!

  • Christina Russell

    If I was smart enough I'd b a millionaire!!How elegant.Who would've thought u could redesign a wine glass{BASICALLY} would b the turnout.Its small pieces that make a huge statement!!

  • Christina Mantzuranis

    Does anyone know where these beautiful vases are from??

Behind the Design: The Infinity Plunge Pool >> www.hgtvremodels....

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An intriguing water feature, the plunge pool, illuminated at night, broadcasts rippling light through the great room and master bedroom.

  • Mary King

    What a wonderful idea!

  • Thomas Brock

    i love the new hgtv dream home i hope we have a lot more people in the network that feels the same about pin. i could not wait on till it was finish i had to ask for sneak peep i love the work the teem has done to bring this house together enjoy the pins i have posted thank you hgtv very nice.

  • Stephanie Milliken

    My favorite part of this plan!

  • Donna Curley

    have been DREAMING of a pool like that to exercise in for my titanium back. Allow no gravity to lower back. feels good and you can exercises better! The views are absolutely breathtaking! LOVE IT! I will be overwelmed if. I ever won something like that!! Would be GREAT!!I

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Folly Beach is popular for surfing and stocked with plenty of restaurants, local surf shops and unique stores. >>

  • Sonja Hayes

    This is my beach nice place u can go and relax. Enjoy

  • Becca Whitson

    And it's not nasty like Myrtle Beach :P

  • Gina

    oh how fun

  • Helene Fiske

    Home! Went to James Island High when they were still known as the Rams. Miss the low-country friendliness and hospitable mentality. Would be sooo nice to win and move back to my heartland!

See all 7 comments HGTV Dream Home 2013 is a fun place to hang out. The ground-level gathering space is a perfect rainy day escape, with day beds for napping and a flat-screen TV to enjoy movies and favorite shows.

  • David Brown

    Garages just aren't cars any more. Linda made a whole entertainment floor out of a garage.

  • David Brown have a great Pinterst page.

  • Kim Alberts

    Thanks David :) I love pinterest and HGTV I spend more time there than I should on both sites :D Its fun!

  • David Brown

    If you have a FB account you would not have time to sleep. Thanks for coming out tonight to join in the Pinterest Event.

  • Pamela Crutcher

    I would Love to Share this with my family!!

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Explore the Area: Further northeast -- about 40 miles from Kiawah -- Isle of Palms boasts a healthy mix of vacation homeowners and year-round residents. >>

  • Karen Camilovic

    Okay, I will be pretty busy taking photos, designing posters, postcards, flyers, drawing, painting, whew! I CANNOT WAIT! I AM DREAMIN!!!

  • Magnolia

    I will be sure to explore the surroundings.

In stark contrast to the colorful bedrooms: Crisp white porcelain tile and dark walnut-stained furnishings define this spa-like bathroom space.

  • Gina Warren

    Why in this huge beautiful "family" oriented home are there no bathtubs other tan in the master? Not practical for a family with small children.

  • Robin Riggins

    I love this shower - so want to get rid of one of my tubs and replace with this type shower! Tubs catch dust when the kids grow up.

A happy kids' sleeping area at the top of the staircase features both nautical decor and a bright, happy beach-inspired color palette.

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