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HGTV Smart Home 2014 Pin Party

Join us LIVE Thursday 8-10pm ET for an exclusive look behind the design of HGTV Smart Home 2014!

The HGTV Smart Home 2014 Giveaway is LIVE! Enter now for a chance to win-->

  • Janice MURPHY

    I would love to win this, I want to move back to Nashville

  • Mary Emerson

    Nashville is the most friendly town I have ever been in all my travels! My dream is to live there, it's calling me home!

  • Jamie Ferrari

    Love this gorgeous high tech Smart Home from HGTV and Nashville rocks!

  • Tracy Rogers

    I would love to win this I would move there and bring my whole family so they could enjoy that great home in a great state with me. I just love everything about this home!!

  • Filma Hilll

    Congrats to Ashley and family in Chicago! This house has it all and more!!!

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Wraparound seating dominates the corner of the porch, and a door to the basement provides easy access for entertaining indoors and outdoors.

A covered porch gives homeowners the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors, rain or shine.

  • Janet Bennett

    Love the facts that their are neighbor close it make you feel comfy every one can get to know each other a good porch to share

  • Denise Brunson


  • Janet Bennett

    this is the best home yet.

  • Stefanie Celi

    LOVE this!!!

  • Janet Bennett

    A nice place for a long spring /summer / fall setting their as time go by wonderful.

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Located on the ground level, the back porch blends seamlessly with the architectural integrity of the home.

That's a wrap for our HGTV Smart Home 2014 Open House. We hope you enjoyed the pin party and if you loved what you saw, be sure to leave comments and repin your favorites!

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Have you had fun at our Pin Party? Before we say goodnight, we want to give YOU the opportunity to enter for a chance to win the home goods and furnishings you saw in the home tonight. Visit to learn more -->

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Now that you've toured every room in this year's HGTV Smart Home 2014…it's time to announce the Fan Favorite of the night (the room with the most repins). And the winner is the Master Bedroom! Take a virtual tour of this amazing space at -->

  • Janet Bennett

    This bedroom is just is the perfect color design and awesome furniture rug and roman shades and when they put the drapes over the shades it just soften every thing perfect.

  • Susanne Fleet

    :))) yes i agree

  • Janet Bennett

    And the barn doors going into the dining room and the colors are so amazing the light fixture is so plain pretty the wine refuge in the pantry.

  • K. Siegfried

    Where can you find the wine glass featured in the master bedroom?

  • Janet Bennett

    Love this bedroom.

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The soaking tub features smart temperature controls. If the bath water gets cold, a touch of a button will heat it back up. How's that for hospitality? -->

  • Kathy

    The two upstairs bathrooms make me ecstatic, since they remind me a lot of the Ministry of Magic [Harry Potter].

  • Bethany Anderson

    What is the brand of the soaking tub? Unable to find any info.

  • Janet Bennett

    The tile is lovely love the color.

  • Jamie Ferrari

    Room for two, I love it!

  • Janet Bennett

    The guest bath is wonderful the shower curtain just love the color and design does some time thing hit you and you say this could be in any room.

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We round out our home tour with a look at the guest bath. With two entrances — one from the bedroom and one from the hallway — the second floor bath accommodates traffic flow from the nearby den. The vanity is topped with white quartz countertops and metal organizers to keep the counter space looking clean and uncluttered. Two sleek and sophisticated sconces are set on dimmers to create a relaxing ambiance.

Across the hallway, the additional second-floor bedroom provides a quiet retreat for overnight guests. A color scheme of blue, green, white and khaki serves as a springboard for a preppy, sophisticated style -->

  • Carley Knobloch

    This was such a fun departure from the rest of the house. Minty, preppy... love it.

Bathed in blue, the upstairs gathering space offers a spot to relax, watch television, and play games-->

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The private bathroom continues the bedroom's color scheme with a contemporary twist. The floor-to-ceiling glass subway tile "follows the roofline, so you're using as much space as possible," says interior designer Linda Woodrum.

Two fox prints add "the right orange...whimsy and cuteness."

A custom-built window seat provides extra storage and style. "The idea behind the daybed was to have more space for friends to hangout," says Linda Woodrum.

Now let's head upstairs to the second floor where we'll find the additional bedrooms and den. Outfitted with rich wood furnishings, clever niches and a colorful focal wall, this "kids-to-teens" bedroom offers a comfortable retreat to escape. "We decided to do a striped wall as a way to highlight the bed and make it pop," says interior designer Linda Woodrum.

#HGTVSmart Tip: Don't forget…starting April 15 at 9am ET you can begin to enter daily for your chance to win this incredible home. Sign up now for daily email reminders so you don't miss out >>

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Conveniently located next to the stairway, the basement bathroom is full-service, so no one will ever have to leave the party to go upstairs. Wild guitar art and vibrant orange echo the fun-filled vibe found in the adjacent rec room.

No home in the heart of Music City USA would be complete without a musical stage to jam out with friends! And guess whose autographed guitars are displayed on the wall -->

  • Carley Knobloch

    LOVED this room. So much. Reminds me of my days as a singer in a band... wanted to belt out some Country tunes while I was down there!

  • Erika Antoine

    Carley I think everyone would love to hear you sing a song!

  • Janet Bennett

    I could live in this room when my family visit.

  • Tracey Heine

    Has been out dream to live in Nashville! This is a awesome space to jam with friends

  • Janet Bennett

    It is a good place to live then they add the smart home The car is not bad it cute.

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Another standout area in the basement is this Cross Fit gym, equipped with kettlebells, a medicine ball, jump ropes, and a yoga mat-->

For the ultimate theater room experience, a large projector screen retracts from the ceiling. Ceiling speakers and two subwoofers, built into the wall, produce dramatic sound throughout the room-->

  • Susan Langley

    I love the basement. Such a family oriented space. Lots of hanging out and family fun to be had in that basement

  • Carley Knobloch

    Yeah, Susan... it literally sets the stage for a good time! #hee

Before we head upstairs, let's take a break and let loose in the basement rec room! Designed to convey a warehouse loft feel with open trusses, the rec room is the perfect place to escape the stresses of the day with a good movie, a jam session, or a great workout.

  • Erika Antoine

    The lamps are so cool!

  • Carley Knobloch

    Insder tip, Erika— the table had holes in it so that the lamp cords dropped down right under them... no wires to look at! I thought that was so clever.

  • Janet Bennett

    One hundred twenty inch screen in the basement that is true love from the planners of the smart home.

  • Jamie Ferrari

    Amazing, HGTV didn't miss a beat! ♥

  • Janet Bennett

    The lamp cords it is awesome those cords how many time do you have to move them to clean or get them out of the way so well thought out Carley you are awesome nice I am going to wear out the 90 minute tape you do on the Smart Home.