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Holiday Decorating Trends

Our favorite decorating tips and projects to cozy up your home this holiday season.

33 Pins

Holiday Decorating Trends

  • 33 Pins

We hope you've enjoyed our pin party at HGTV's #HolidayHouse. We'd like to thank our special guest, @Casey Noble, for joining us tonight. If you loved what you saw, be sure to leave a comment and repin. Happy Holidays & Happy Pinning!

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Sweeten your holiday decorations - Make ornaments out of cookie dough! If you don't eat it all first, like me.  #HolidayHouse

Dress up wine bottles as cute #Christmas elves for a fun #holiday party gift. #HolidayHouse

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Create a fun #holiday tablescape with this lush snowman made from white carnations and creative embellishments. #HolidayHouse

How cute and playful are these #Scrabble letter ornaments?? Spell out names or phrases, then adhere the letters to ribbon with hot glue. #HolidayHouse

Decorating for a small space? Try this contemporary #Christmas tree alternative from @Casey Noble #HolidayHouse

  • Tiffany

    What actually makes up the tree part? Its really cool I just can't figure out is it felt? or velvet?

  • Jennifer R

    i'm definitely stealing this idea, because i definitely have a small space (studio apartment!) #holidayhouse

  • Casey Noble

    Velvet! Dark green velvet with a little stretch in it from the fabric store.

  • Tiffany

    @Casey Noble Perfect!! Thanks! It really is so cute for a little corner of the room

Are you having fun at our #HolidayHouse Pin Party? The party's drawing to a close but before we say goodnight, we want to leave you with a few more of our favorite #DIY #holiday projects. If you love these, be sure to repin and give them a try!

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Speaking of gifts under the tree…we love these handmade treasures Casey crafted for this year's #HolidayHouse (all under $10)>>

When wrapped boxes are added around the base of a tree, they can take over and detract from the tree itself. Mix in large, unwrapped gifts with interesting shapes. And remember you can earn cash back on gift purchases online or in-store with Chase Freedom. #HolidayHouse

Give ordinary pinecones a snowy, frosted look by lightly misting with white spray paint along the entire body. Once dry, layer whitened pinecones onto branches either with rope added as hangers or simply placed loosely throughout the tree. #HolidayHouse

What sets white-on-white #Christmas trees apart from others is their restrained use of color, relying on different ones and shades of the same hue rather than contrasting colors. #HolidayHouse

Now let's turn our attention to the star of the party, the #Christmas tree. For this year's HGTV #HolidayHouse, Casey went with a sophisticated, tone-on-tone style incorporating shades of white, cream, dove gray and silver.

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The combo of colorful candies in clear-glass apothecary jars gives this mantel a whimsical, youthful vibe. #HolidayHouse

The third mantel style is based on a pop art-inspired #holiday scheme. The super saturated colors and graphic motifs are way fun and way bold. #HolidayHouse

Tree-bark candle holders are natural and rustic, and they can be made from fallen branches! So simple. #HolidayHouse

We love Casey's rustic version of this mantel with its mix of weathered textures and timeless farmhouse style. #HolidayHouse

For this mantel design, sheen is added through a trio of floral cones covered in greige, olive-green and gold fringe trim, while metallics are present in the form of pewter candlesticks. Find these accessories or similar items in most department or home stores, and earn cash back on décor purchases with Chase Freedom. #HolidayHouse

  • Tiffany

    I love the detail in the tops of these - I hadn't noticed on the other picture. They are adorable. I like the trees look like little grass skirts.

  • Casey Noble

    Hahahahaa - Holiday hula dancers.

A mantel is a natural focal point for #holiday design. I had sooo much fun with the #HolidayHouse mantel that I decorated it three times - in three different styles. Which is your favorite??…Leave a comment or repin. This first look is understated and elegant. Love.

  • daNa ~ANd~ aRc Cole

    Can I ask how high this fireplace goes? Any examples of decorating a two story fireplace that has large framed picture up high. That is always my challenge. I like what I see but doesn't work for mine.

  • Casey Noble

    Hi Dana! It's hard to say without seeing your fireplace, but if you have a tall, vertical fireplace, think about tall, vertical elements that will compliment the existing lines. Play with size and scale - Go big. :)

  • daNa ~ANd~ aRc Cole

    Thank you Casey! There is about 25" from mantle to base of picture frame, so having mason jars, which I love, just get lost! I need to find taller items perhaps, any suggestions?

  • Chrissy Magelssen

    @DaNa~ANd~aRc Cole you could use branches trimmed from your trees in your mason jars for height, saw a Pin with the idea--Charlie brown tree-ish looking.

  • daNa ~ANd~ aRc Cole

    Yes, thank you, that is a great idea! I searched pinterest more and found some great ideas, like lanterns ~ that I already have! :)

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This little porcupine, made with all organic materials - grasses, pinecones, wooden remnants - is added to this simple tree for a less-is-more approach. #HolidayHouse

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These mini junipers have the look (and smell!! yummm) of the holidays - Perfect for a tabletop or mantel. Give them rustic appeal by planting them in box planters made from reclaimed wood. So cute. #HolidayHouse

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Mason jars are everywhere because they are traditional, lovely, and seriously versatile. Here's a simple way to add a rustic #holiday moment with mason jars and metallic paint. #HolidayHouse

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I'm still dreaming of this year's summer beach vacation. Anyone else?? Bring the coast to your #holiday home with sea-inspired decorations. I repurposed these beach towels into adorable #Christmas stockings for HGTV's #HolidayHouse. Get the stocking template at

Now let's step inside HGTV's #HolidayHouse where designer @Casey Noble is sharing her own design projects, decorating tips, and gift ideas.

  • Tiffany

    This looks like the perfect entrance to a wonderful holiday party! #HolidayHouse

  • Kayla Kitts

    Me too, Abbi! It's perfection.

  • Darla Kendrick

    Ooo I like the garland around the door. I'm gonna try that this year.

  • Casey Noble

    I'm obsessed with garland. I love doubling up so it looks really thick and rich, then covering it with simple ball ornaments & little lights.

  • Darla Kendrick

    I have a thick greenery swag for my fireplace mantle that also has ornaments strung throughout. It's thick enough to completely hide the stocking hangers. I love it. I also use a lighted garland to hang my Christmas cards on with painted clothespins.

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Treat your postal carrier to a joyful greeting with this mailbox dressed up as Santa's reindeer…designed by HGTV's @Daniel Grady Faires. #HolidayHouse