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Kitchen & Bath Hour

Join HGTV, HGTVRemodels, DIYNetwork, and HGTV Frontdoor for Kitchen & Bath Hour here on Pinterest. Tuesdays (8/7c) in July we will be sharing our most inspiring kitchen and bath designs, clever storage tips, and money-saving project ideas you can DIY!

That's a wrap for this week's Kitchen and Bath Hour. Join us next week when we talk more ideas and inspiration for your next bath or kitchen project. And if you love what you saw tonight, be sure to leave comments and repin your favorites!

Laminate floors combine the look of hardwood with a stain- and moisture-resistant surface, making them a great choice for the bathroom. This strong flooring material withstands traffic and looks great for years. Image courtesy of Pergo

A budget-friendly bathroom flooring option, vinyl is durable, low maintenance and soft underfoot. Vinyl tiles can mimic the look of ceramic, porcelain, stone or hardwood, and they're warmer to the touch than traditional tiles. Image courtesy of Congoleum Corporation

If big and bold isn't your style, try a narrow strip of accent tiles. This breaks up larger neutral tiles without shouting too loudly.

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True marble is beautiful but can be problematic in the bathroom. It's prone to staining and very expensive. This porcelain tile mimics the intricate veins of marble.

Armed with your bathroom design plans and budget, shop for products and materials that will meet your needs and complement your home style. is here to share the latest in bathroom tile trends and options.

Discover the most common expenses for a bathroom remodel--> www.hgtvremodels....

Do your homework=Research all of the options available on the market today. Get real=Be realistic about quotes. Expect the unexpected=Plan to add a 30-percent cushion to your budget.

The budget is (more than) half the battle! Next we're talking tips for creating and managing your bath remodeling budget.

More tips for choosing the perfect layout for your bath remodel--> www.hgtvremodels....

There is no exact prescription for the best bathroom layout — it all depends on how you use the space. This bathroom has a lot of open space in the middle of the room with functional areas along the perimeter, such as a sink and makeup area. Image courtesy of Jorge Castillo Design

One of the chief considerations for master bathroom layout is the size and location of the tub and shower. A common mistake in master bathroom design is to choose a tub or shower that's either too big or too small. Be sure to very carefully measure your space and estimate what size bathing space it can accommodate, as well as your own preferences.

What do you value in bathroom design? That's one question to ask yourself when considering what features to splurge on versus where to save. Get more tips here--> www.hgtvremodels....

After assessing your needs in a bath renovation, another important factor to consider is the layout. The first question to ask is "whose bathroom is this?" There are several different types of bathrooms, each with unique layout challenges—and determining what combination of family members and guests will use the bathroom is an important starting point.

Discover the role your bathrooms play in your life and identify which bathroom to remodel. Consider how you’re using the current bathroom and how the room meets, or falls short of, your needs. This planning worksheet is a great place to start-> (Featured room by John Barman)

"Bathrooms are becoming so much more than a room that takes care of a function," says Brian Johnson, principal, Collaborative Design Architects, Billings, Mt. "I compare it to how a TV room has evolved into a home theater with surround sound."

When it comes to the bathroom, there's a lot going on in a relatively small space. Focus on style and function. Consider how many times each day you enter the bathroom and use the amenities in this space. What time of day do you spend more time there? What are your layout needs?

Welcome back to Kitchen and Bath Hour. Tonight we’re talking steps to your big bold bathroom renovation! Whether you’re stuck somewhere between planning and doing, calculating a budget, or simply in the dreaming stage, join us for an hour of ideas, tips, and inspiration. And remember to refresh your browser often to see the latest pin activity.

Join us Tonight 8/7c on Pinterest for our next Kitchen and Bath Hour. Tonight we're talking bath renovations.

That’s a wrap for this week’s Kitchen and Bath Hour. If you love what you saw, leave comments and repin your favorites, and be sure to join us next time for more kitchen and bath ideas and inspiration.

"Anything you can do to soften up the bathroom and make it feel more like the rest of the house, I'm for," says Tracy Martin Taylor, owner of the Dallas-based design firm Eleven 11 Design.