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You're invited to join HGTV Star host David Bromstad for a pinning party Sunday, June 23 from 9-10 p.m. ET! Come to the #hgtvstar Pinterest board and chat with @davidbromstad about pictures from the show and season's past. Repin your favorites!

40 Pins


  • 40 Pins

Thank you for coming to our Pinning Party with David Bromstad! Be sure to watch all-new episodes every Sunday night 8/7c to see who will be the next HGTV Star! AND don't miss our online extras! >> #hgtvstar

Get behind-the-scenes exclusives from the HGTVersus Blog #hgtvstar

HGTV Star Season 8: Episode 3 Recap | HGTVersus

Thank you for joining David Bromstad, the original HGTV Star! Be sure to follow @david bromstad on Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook #hgtvstar (David's website:

David Bromstad℠ Interior Designer & Fine Art by Bromstad™
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David Bromstad Color Splash Throwback! Discuss. #hgtvstar

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Black chalkboard paint is one of Tyler Wisler's (Season 6) favorite wall colors. His room was featured last year on the HGTV Design Happens Blog #hgtvstar

  • Jackie Sherman

    It just needed a simpler carpet pattern-everything is screaming for attention.

  • Heather Porch

    I like the black wall, but with contemporary furniture the door does not fit. A carpet squares floor with solid colors ::) n neutral grays would look nice. I like that the door is black and the colored wall too. The desk looks cheap, something more similar to the living chair would be better. Like the pop of color.

  • Leanne Biggar

    A simpler carpet pattern would help this room.

  • Jen Rizzo

    black is on it's way back in!

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This DIY Reclaimed Wood Coffee Table by Dan Faires (Season 5) is an HGTV Pinterest favorite with 1300+ Repins! Want to know how to make one? Pin it now!

Reclaimed-Wood Coffee Table
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Beautiful Backsplash by last year's #hgtvstar winner--Danielle Colding. She took one family's kitchen from beige to beachy.

A Coastal Kitchen Inspired by the Shore
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Britany's Geometric Wall Treatment is a super-popular pin on Pinterest. MORE Ideas: 14 Clever DIY Projects Inspired by the Show >>

HGTV Star How-Tos: Clever DIY Projects Inspired by the Show

Season 5 winner Emily Henderson decorated this living room for a family who loved her work. Be sure to check out every room, featured in a recent issue of HGTV Magazine. >> #hgtvstar

When Emily Henderson Designs Your Home
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Who loves Meg? Season 6 winner @Meg Caswell is a fan-favorite! After the party, check out 100+ pictures of Meg's work in HGTV Designers' Portfolio and pin your favorites! >>

White Kitchen Wall With Storage Nook and Chalkboard
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A Pinterest Fave: Season 7 winner Danielle and runner-up Britany's Kitchen. Love it? REPIN it! #hgtvstar

Design Star Season 7: Photo Highlights From Episode 6
  • Jackie Peruche

    It would be great in a beach house, really like it!

  • Heather Porch

    I like the sideboard but it does not belong with the rest of the furniture. Preferred a tile backsplash but the pictures are nice. Yes the fridge is annoying. Could trim on the windows been an option? Is the end of the wall where the ceiling is supposed to be? Ceiling height cabinets would be nice. Overall it is ok.

  • gail.

    There are moments within that I love, but I don't like everything together for some reason. The dining area seems a bit tight, but it makes for pretty photos.

  • Leanne Biggar

    It is ok. The pictures look funny to me, a tiled black splash would have been much better. Fridge is also distracting now that this has been pointed out. The seems a bit crowded.

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Who are favorite HGTV Stars from the past 7 seasons? >>

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This modern living room is from Tobin's portfolio. He was eliminated in the episode one and David says it was a mistake. What do you think? #hgtvstar

Tobin Green's Design Portfolio
  • Heather Porch

    Everything is shoved against the wall. Why?

  • Carole Hatter

    Not inviting. Makes me dizzy.

  • Jackie Sherman

    This is a really bad photo, someone could have turned the lights on. Love the floors, industrial chic

  • Kalie Kinsella

    I feel like its going in a very good direction, since he is clearly designing with a contemporary vibe. And I am pretty sure he moved everything against the wall for the picture's sake. Props on a job well done

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Another favorite from season 8 #hgtvstar portfolios: Anne's Fairy-Tale Girl's Room. If you're inspired, REPIN it! #hgtvstar

Anne Rue's Design Portfolio
  • Dawn Brucato Grochmal

    I love this idea!!! Your right David . The floor is missing something. And I agree with the chandelier being much bigger!!

  • Carole Hatter

    I love the yellow wall

  • Savannah Weeks

    Not a fan of the color scheme

  • Deb Alexander

    I agree color scheme so 80's, can we come up with a new era of design that 30 years from now they will be using for inspiration!!!

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Season 8 Portfolio Favorite: Tiffany's Eclectic Living Room. If you love it, REPIN it! #hgtvstar

Tiffany Brooks' Design Portfolio
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Brooks was an early stand-out in episode one with this pink + taxidermy design. Love it or hate it? #hgtvstar

HGTV Star: Photo Highlights From Episode 1
  • Kari Barber

    Hate! Don't understand why the judges liked it so much...

  • Jeri Foltz Gibson

    Brooks is a character and seems likable. This design looked like a first time decorating project by a team of High School design students. Too eclectic and nothing that brings comfort when you see it. I am baffled by the judges gushing over this one.

  • Kelli Lene

    Love Brooks ! Love his process and the results

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Most Popular Pin from Season 8 so far: Cris Mercado turned this vintage camera into a lamp with a light kit and an Edison bulb. If you think this is a bright idea, REPIN it! #hgtvstar

HGTV Star Season 8: Photo Highlights From Episode 2
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Jessie went home last week but with 160+ repins, some Pinterest pinners were inspired by this glitzy kitchen console. What do you think? #hgtvstar

HGTV Star Season 8: Photo Highlights From Episode 2
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Anne and Jeribai's dining bench made was from reclaimed wood sits aside a farm-style dining table . If you're inspired, repin it! #hgtvstar

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Horizontal Stripes: Yes or No? This space was designed by Anne and Jeribai. If like it, put a pin in it! #hgtvstar

HGTV Star Season 8: Episode 3 Recap | HGTVersus
  • farah benero

    Like....very much. And d dinning room set very pretty.

  • Jill King

    It doesn't look bad, but it is nothing new or exciting

  • Makenna  Dozier

    yeah, the cabinets should be lighter..

  • Martha Colson

    The clients wanted Tuscan and the only thing Tuscan was the Tablescape! I usually love what everyone does, but these designers did not give what their clients asked for in my opinion! I hope next Sunday is right on!!

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Boris and Abby's Dining Room. What do you think? #hgtvstar

HGTV Star Season 8: Episode 3 Recap | HGTVersus
  • Deb Alexander

    Nice elements, no color

  • Martha Colson

    Overall very disappointed! It is the first time I didn't like any of the rooms and I am a HUGE design star fan. I hope we see more talent next week!

  • Jaci Eskridge

    I miss the old format. Like the year David won. More individuality not so much team stuff. And Boris has undermined everyone he has been teamed with and now most of those people are gone. He is pond scum! I don't care how talented he is, he is not ethical or honest. I think he should have been dropped the second week when the judges could see what he had done.

  • Pepper Davis

    I miss the individual format too. I'd rather see what each of the designers are able to do on their own. Teams are so compromising that no one shines as an individual.

  • Pepper Davis

    other option would be to assign a team captain and make them design the room without input from others and others on team could act as assistants. Then, maybe we could see some interesting design. Where's Antonio when you need him?

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Designers Abby and Boris used this distressed, cottage-style console table as a media storage solution. Is this your style? #hgtvstar

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What did you think of Abby and Boris' apartment transformation?

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Love it or hate it? These orange chairs and cushions are from One Kings Lane. #hgtvstar.

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Abstract Art (from #hgtvstar Tiffany and Brooks) What are your tips for choosing and displaying art. If you love this, repin it!

  • Mairin O'Steen

    pick up colors in your artwork to incorporate into other areas of your room. From the paint color, pillows, vases, to redoing the fabric on chairs to compliment the art

  • Cynthia Lara

    I liked it.

  • Patricia Ceballos

    LOVE that chair! I need it! :-)

  • Leanne Biggar

    Love chair - not so crazy about the rest.

  • Allison Oran

    Choose are that you love, that makes you feel something. Don't worry so much about matching it to your room. It should feel collected.

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