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12 Days of HGTV HOME Fabric

HGTV HOME Fabrics can make great holiday gifts and decor! Here are some projects that HGTV & Made + Remade's editors created. Create and enter your own board for a chance to win Jo-Ann Fabric & Craft Store gift cards! Enter before 12/24!

The 12 Days of HGTV HOME Fabric is coming to a close tonight! Enter your board to win!

  • Abdul Alim

    Hello, I have just found you on Pinterest. I think your boards are really great and exceptional. But of them I like "DIY Network" the most. I would highly appreciate if you could send me an invitation from this board and give me an oppotunity to share my pins with you all. Thanks :)

  • Vicki Hoverkamp


Have you created your board and entered yet? #12DaysOfHGTVHOME

HGTV’s @Liz Gray cut leaf shapes from green & gold HGTV HOME Fabric to create a sophisticated wreath that will last for years to come. #12DaysOfHGTVHOME

Made + Remade’s @Hannah B. made a simple beaded necklace with decoupaged HGTV HOME Fabric–perfect as a handmade gift. #12DaysOfHGTVHOME

Made + Remade’s @Hannah B. created this fun fabric crown, a great children’s gift. #12DaysOfHGTVHOME

Made + Remade’s @Hannah B. made some fun DIY stuffed animals. Handmade gifts perfect for young ones. #12DaysOfHGTVHOME

Made + Remade’s @Kelly Smith Trimble created this beautiful, leafy garland. Hang it over a doorway, on the bannister, or on the tree for an elegant holiday touch. #12DaysOfHGTVHOME

  • Kelly Smith Trimble

    This was so easy to make! I just cut out the leaves from the fabric pattern and backed them with canvas for support. Then I sewed them onto a bias strip cut from the same fabric.

HGTV’s @Liz Gray used HGTV HOME Fabric squares cut with pinking shears to create this beautiful, winter tree centerpiece. This project is a great way to use up fabric scraps! #12DaysOfHGTVHOME

HGTV’s @Marianne Canada showed us how to Furoshiki wrap a bottle of wine. Give a gift that looks great under the tree. #12DaysOfHGTVHOME

HGTV’s @Marianne Canada used embroidery hoops and several HGTV HOME Fabrics to create this stunning Christmas tree for your wall. #12DaysOfHGTVHOME

HGTV’s @Farima Alavi created these decorative trees using HGTVHOME fabric and feathers. #12DaysOfHGTVHOME

HGTV’s @Farima Alavi created this fun, low-maintenance (no-sew) topiary–a perfect holiday season accent around the home. #12DaysOfHGTVHOME

HGTV’s @Farima Alavi created these cute no-sew ornaments with HGTV HOME Fabric and cookie cutters. #12DaysOfHGTVHOME

HGTV’s @Kayla Kitts used embroidery hoops and HGTV HOME Fabric to create this beautiful vignette–bright & fun to keep you smiling through the season. #12DaysOfHGTVHOME

HGTV’s @Kayla Kitts lined this tray with some beautiful HGTV HOME Fabric to create the perfect holiday serving tray. Santa's cookies have a new home. #12DaysOfHGTVHOME

HGTV’s @H. Camille Smith dressed up this shipping tube with HGTV HOME Fabric to create a great gift wrap for anything from a piece of art to a bottle of wine. #12DaysOfHGTVHOME How-To:

HGTV’s @H. Camille Smith. Camille Smith used HGTV HOME Fabric to create mini gift tag ornaments that add a festive touch to your gifts. #12DaysOfHGTVHOME How-To:

HGTV’s @H. Camille Smith used HGTV HOME Fabric trim to wrap her gifts with a festive touch. #12DaysOfHGTVHOME

HGTV’s @H. Camille Smith combined live evergreen, glittered pine cones, and beautiful HGTV HOME Fabric to create a vibrant and welcoming swag for the front door. #12DaysOfHGTVHOME How-to:

Enter your own board for a chance to win! #12DaysOfHGTVHOME