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Mexicano Comida

Mexican and South of the Boarder Recipes

Queso Dip... made from velveeta. Looks yummy.

Mexican Chocoflan (Pastel Imposible -- Impossible Cake) Recipe - A chocolate cake baked with flan on the top. When done, the flan is now on the bottom, but when the cake is inverted, it is back on top! A great favorite at Mexican fiestas, this cake is delicious and beautiful.

Tamales are traditionally prepared for special occasions or fiestas, but creating them becomes an event in itself. Families come together to form an assembly line: they get the husks ready, spread them with masa, fill, fold and stack them in the steamer.

Chicken & Cream Cheese Taquitos with Avocado dipping sauce. Delicious and not hard at all!