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Top 7 Low-Tech or No-Tech Escapes

In our opinion, when you go to the trouble of leaving the world behind, there's no point in taking it with you—or finding it waiting for you when you get there! So are you ready to leave technology behind? We've rounded up this Top 7 list just for you. For more insight on any of these low-tech or no-tech getaways, or to book a reservation, get in touch with an expert agent at Hideaways Travel Services (800-843-4433). We'll get you headed toward your most restful vacation ever.

TAKE A TEMPTING TOUR Tauck, Global Tour Adventures You've seen polar bears at the zoo, but there's nothing like observing these magnificent creatures in their natural habitat. You're enjoying this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity with a "Polar Bear Adventure" hosted by Tauck World Discovery. You know you're having a most authentic, informative, and experience-rich vacation, with all the details taken care of. Plus, you have now-personal knowledge of the polar bear, which is truly priceless.

THE BARE BONES Hotelito Desconocido, Mexico You just woke up to another day in paradise. You're feeling terrific . . . and a little bit hungry. So you roll to the side of your gauze-canopied bed (which is as romantic as it sounds) and signal for your morning room service by pulling a cord, which hoists a flag above your terrace. You grin, just as you do every morning when performing this ritual, enjoying every moment of your stay at a place where low-tech and luxurious go hand in hand.

HEAD (WAY OUT) WEST The Resort at Paws Up, Montana Here you are, in Big Sky Country, at a resort that's part of a 37,000-acre working cattle ranch. You have your smart phone with you, it's true, but all you've used it for so far is snapping pictures and taking videos of experiences you never—ever—want to forget, like fishing for rainbow trout, rafting down the Blackfoot River, and saddling up to "bring home them doggies."

TopX: Top 7 Leave-It-All-Behind Escapes - Hideaways Aficionado®

SUCCUMB TO SHANGRI-LA(AAH) Kupu Kupu Barong, Bali You notice you're walking on scattered flower petals, exotically beautiful, deliciously scented, and the perfect introduction to your stay. With a rush of euphoria, you're now feeling quite renewed as you take in the mango trees, the tropical gardens, and the spectacular views of river, hills, and rice paddies. You haven't even seen your villa yet, or dipped into your private plunge pool, and you've already succumbed to this Shangri-La(aah).

PRIVATE AND UNPLUGGED Little Palm Island Resort & Spa, Florida Even your arrival here is the stuff of dreams. You could have arrived by seaplane, which is exciting in itself, but you chose instead to transfer by private launch, and you were delighted to find dolphins leading the way. After all, the whole point of visiting a private island resort is to disconnect geographically as well as spiritually, forcing you to slow down and smell the roses, or the salty sea.

OUT-OF-TOUCH, YET COMPLETELY IN TOUCH Lindblad Expeditions, Global Exploration Cruises Now this is adventure travel with a capital "A." You're exploring the wondrous Galapagos Islands aboard the National Geographic Endeavor, and your expedition gear includes a glass-bottom boat and a Splash-Cam. You're enjoying surprises, like getting eye-to-eye with sea lions, giant sea turtles, blue-footed boobies, and iguanas. You're feeling like a kid again, and loving every minute of it.

TopX: Top 7 Leave-It-All-Behind Escapes - Hideaways Aficionado®

DISCONNECT & DECOMPRESS Lapa Rios Ecolodge, Costa Rica You're perched 350 feet above the sea in your open-air bungalow—one of only 16 strung like pearls along three lofty ridges—surrounded by a spectacular slice of pristine rain forest. It's early morning and you've just had your wake-up call . . . only it wasn't the phone ringing (there is no phone!), it was the distinctive sound of howler monkeys chatting in the jungle canopy. And for the first time in a long while, you woke up with a smile.