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Stevie Nicole

Stevie Nicole

I post my blogs. I love shoes. I love hockey. My son is my everything. <3

Help support Help Cancer Victim Kim Haller Collura . Mother of 2. Pittsburgh native. Donate to help her fund medical treatments!

Awful Things to Buy- click for a list of all the stuff that sucks purchasing as a female

Lesson well learned!

I'm Sooooo Wasted!- Click to read about the types of drunk girls

Cheating Without Touching- Click for more on the other forms of cheating

Rounding the Bases- click to read more about how I define 1st, 2nd, and 3rd base ;)

Bombing Cancer- Help us support Hockey Fights Cancer Month with a donation! Click the photo for more information! You can donate to Hockey Kicks Cancer Charity Event by sending your donation via PayPal to mailto:heelsandho.... Provide the following information with your donation: That your donation is for Hockey Kicks Cancer (Donation ID)

Leave It On- Lingerie doesn't belong on the floor ladies! Click to read how to show it off the RIGHT way!

A Little Less Clingy, Please?- click to read about stage 5 clinger men

Just a Kiss- the perks of just wanting to make out sometimes. (click to read)

I (Almost) Got Away With It- blog on internet cheaters and players

Psycho Hose Beast: Check your crazy at the door!- Please read females...and stop doing this.

Welcome to the Friend Zone. Have a seat!- Click for more on the dreaded friend zone!

Hi! Your name is Nick!- Awful exbfs. Read more about my misadventures!

Stop Making That Guy- these douchebags. Stop making them.

Penis Problems- Raising a little boy as a single mom. (Click to read more!)

Between Friends- everyone needs a friend they have zero barriers with. Click to read more!

Hands in Your Pants- Why men should stop acting so self righteous about other men getting themselves off (click to read!)

The Myths Behind Porn- Click for tips on enjoying porn with your man and understanding why he loves it!

Murdering Language- Sick of internet and text speak? Me too. Click to read more!

All the Good Guys- click the picture ladies and gents. GREAT advice here for those in the dating game!

Such an awesome storm!

glitter gradient manicure

Becoming The Swan- click the pic to read!