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Green popcorn for st. patricks day

Mod Podge pictures of kiddos onto a flower pot. Would be cute for mommas or grandma's for mothers day!

Valentines day cake

shapes inside to: 1) Make your cupcake batter (make sure it is a moist recipe and not too dry). 2) Separate 1/3 of it into a different bowl. Cling film the remaining 2/3 of batter mix & leave to one side. 3) Use food colouring or natural alternatives to dye the 1/3 you have just separated to the colour of your choice. 4) Grease the base/sides of a square, (any shape will do, square is just an example) deep baking tray & pour in the coloured mixture to a depth of a couple of centimetres. Use your judgement here, you are looking for a risen depth that will fit into your cupcake cases, whilst leaving room for the non dyed batter as well. 5) Pop the baking tray into the oven at the temperature the recipe suggests. Take the cake out as soon as it is firm enough to handle being cut into. Try and avoid baking for the full suggested recipe time if you can. Keep testing it so that you can remove from the oven the second it is firm enough to cut. 6) When firm take the cake out of the oven & leave to cool completely (popping it into the fridge will speed the process up). 7) Use a small heart shaped cutter to cut out shapes from the coloured cake. Leave to one side. 8) Place your cupcake cases into your muffin tin. Remove the clingfilm from your 2/3 non dyed batter and spoon a dollop into the base of each case. 9) Take each heart & stand it vertically (point to the base) into the dollop of batter. Then spoon a dollop of batter on either side of the heart. Make sure your batter reaches roughly the half way mark of the cupcake, high enough to support the heart, but remembering that the batter will rise. 10) Carry this technique on until you have filled all the cupcake cases. 11) Cover the muffin tin completely in tinfoil in order to prevent the pre-baked hearts from drying out and allow the cupcakes to cook evenly from the sides/base. 12) Cook for the full amount of time as dictated by your recipe, then remove & cool. Tip* When decorating these create a design that makes it clear which way round these should be eaten from. If you cut in the wrong way all you get is a coloured shape and not a beautiful heart! You could try this technique with circles, stars, teddy bears, practically any shape that is small enough to fit inside a cupcake. There are many things that can be baked into cupcakes, try whole fruits, sweets, or even posh chocolates.

An adorable idea for a valentines day breakfast for your sweetheart!