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Michael Fassbender. X-Men First Class. Inglorious Bastards. 300. Amazing man.

Pictures & Photos of Michael Fassbender

This board needs more of you, Mr. Bale.

To be honest, this was always my vision for Grayson Bailey. Something about Rob Lowe...ever since The West Wing. #SinnersAndSaints

Tom Cruise - I personally do not really like this guy, I just can't tell why. But I must admit, he is somehow... special.

george clooney..a wicked King of Hearts perhaps?

Christian Bale. El Batman perfecto. Indignante que le den el papel a Ben Affleck. Volvemos al comic. Christian logró darle vida y calidad al personaje.

Ewan McGregor Red Carpet - Ewan McGregor at The Impossible US Premiere - Esquire

How to Dress Like Ewan McGregor Just Now

Christian Bale OMG he's beautiful. I fell in love with Irving..Bale made that movie live ....American Hustle....I watched it two other times beside the theater and I almost never do that.

George Clooney, Not off the market yet ? But hope it's real and happens !

Michael Fassbender. He looks like a combination of Hugh Jackman and Viggo Mortensen, but oh so much lovelier

You'd be, like, the sexiest Intro to American Lit professor ever. I mean, if this whole acting gig doesn't pan out...

Hollywood's Hottest Talk Fashion and Style - Mark Ruffalo

Clive Owen - if I were casting the movie of North of Supposed to Be, this Clive would be Clive Grove ... mysterious, deep-voiced, square featured.

Richard Gere...the sexiest gray haired man I've ever seen. I didn't like him as a young actor but as he grew older I found myself very attracted to him and his acting style. One of my favorite movies is an Officer and a Gentleman. Shall We Dance puts me over the edge. LOVE him in that.

Mark Ruffalo - love him as an actor, but it's his activities as a champion for the environment and leader against fracking in New York and other states that inspires me.

At Home With Mark Ruffalo

Ahhhh... Eric Bana is another actor that I love to see. I'm always surprised when I see a movie and then realize he's in it and I never knew before.

Eric Bana y Rebecca Hall en un nuevo thriller - Paperblog

Michael Fassbender / new obsession / can't take his vulnerable face off my mind eversince I watched him from Xmen

Crank Up the Volume

Daniel Craig-- I am in love with Daniel Craig...sigh.....

Josh Hartnett ♥

GQ Hairstyles. Josh Hartnett Short Black Styled Hair