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i want this said at my wedding

I love taking pics but happy to never take another "before" pic

French text tattoo "je ne regrette nien" which translates to "I regret nothing" above the crotch/on the stomach

What do you do with your child's ultrasound photo? I love this idea of turning it into a canvas.

Thanksgiving dress

  • Holly Johnson

    New hidden talent :):) I LOVE it. I LOVE having girls lol :) miss you guys :(

  • Tran Vincent

    You were meant to have girls. It's in your blood. I love looking at all the stuff you make. Gives me the drive to do the same once my house decorations is complete. We miss you guys too. Can't wait to see you all in Dec.

  • Paula LacKamp

    Beautiful! Is there a link to a blog? I can't seem to get a link to work... I'd like to know more!

  • Holly Johnson

    I am sorry Paula, I don't have a blog, it's just a picture of my daughter. I bought the fabric from Joan's, and I the patterned I used is simplicity 1793A. ( I embellished with trims and flower). I hope this might help a little :) I should start a blog.... :)

  • Paula LacKamp

    Yes, you should! Hahaha! Awesomely cute dress :) Very inspiring!

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