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Western MA Events

Events and opportunities for families in Western Massachusetts featured on Have something to suggest? Share it here:

Diverse Theater Selection Brings Entertainment & Education Opportunities for Entire Family

Stories from the Kitchen Sink: Comic Multimedia Installation Examines American Domesticity

Harriet the Spy Turns 50!

Harriet the Spy Turns 50!

Great American Backyard Campout invites families to camp outdoors, even if it is in their own backyard

Family Camping Grows Respect for Nature

Celebrate Freedom on Juneteenth

Celebrate Freedom on Juneteenth

2014 Fourth of July Celebrations & Fireworks in Western Massachusetts From the state where the American Revolution began, families can take part in the multitude of Fourth of July celebrations happening in Western MA! Be sure to check out the Hilltown Families list of Weekly Suggested Events for a comprehensive list of family and community events happening in Western MA and make plans!

2014 Fourth of July Celebrations & Fireworks in Western MA

Suggested Events for June 14th-20th, 2014 Our list of Weekly Suggested Events is up and packed with great ideas for this Father's Day Weekend at www.HilltownFamil.... Check our comprehensive list of community-based educational and celebratory events happening throughout western Massachusetts, along with announcements, upcoming events, links, resources and the HFVS podcast. hilltownfamilies....

MASS MoCA’s "It's Only Human" Kidspace exhibit and activity program is a fantastic achievement that stimulates all kind of curiosity, inviting discussion on topics such as body image and the complexities of anatomy, health, and wellness. Two artists offer differing perspectives of the human body through captivating lenses. This exhibit is for the whole family! Bring the kids and take a look at the works on display, have an open-ended family discussion about the exhibition.

Berkshire Family Fun: June 2014 Our monthly column, Berkshire Family Fun, is up for June! Find out about community events and learning opportunities happening throughout Berkshire County. We’ll be adding to this list as the month progresses, so be sure to check back each week for culture, community and educational opportunities in the Berkshires!

Berkshire Family Fun: June 2014

Saturday Morning Music Party with Hilltown Families & Flywheel Arts Collective

February Vacation Week 2014: Events, Resources & Ideas in Western MA | Hilltown Families

Hilltown Families & Flywheel Arts Collective will host a ‘Saturday Morning Music Party’ with performances by Shiprock and Anchordog and the...

Suggested Events for February 1st-7th, 2014 | Hilltown Families

During this part of the year, the cold and dark make it difficult to truly enjoy the outdoors. For the past month, temperatures in the single digits have kept kids and adults alike on the couch instead of in the snow... and we're all starting to get cabin fever! Luckily, mid-winter 'tis the season for winter festivals, and the coming weeks bring a deluge of indoor and outdoor community celebrations...