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Andrew's Picks

I love all this stuff! Can't I just post everything on Hipcycle here?!?! Don't hold me to these picks. I'll have new favorite stuff next week... (literally. check back every Friday to see what currently has me all worked up.)

Tough, yet glam, tote bag made from rescued firehoses.

Laptop and tablet sleeves upcycled from wetsuit material.

Solid-as-a-rock stool upcycled from skateboard decks. Are these wicked cool. or what?

  • Cassandra Brophy

    super cool, but wayyy too over priced. I like how the trucks hold it all together!

Couldn't you just see this in your home? Made from plastic bags!

Bring Funky Junk to the USA!

Hi all, Andrew here. My 3rd grader sent me an e-mail today with an attachment. This is what he said in the e-mail: "Hi Daddy, I hope you like this article. Will you please read it? I tried my best. bye bye" Wow...makes me proud. Kids learn fast, don't they? (Yes, I'm hiring him to lead the sales team!)

Thew color of the glass is mesmerizing, but then again, I am easily distracted. Grab one for only $21

OK, so maybe not a totally unbiased pick, but we're so psyched to have these upcycled ladies T's now in stock! $22


    Upcycle and save 400+ gallons of water! Per tee-shirt!


    Upcycle and save 400+ gallons of water! Per tee-shirt!

We've got a virtual upcycled florist going on here at Check out the glass and plastic flowers too. Only $5

We now have a full line of recycled plastic rugs. Beautiful, and darn near bullet proof. And did we mention affordable? They're that too.

  • Sue Hayden

    Cool, I am going to have to look into this further when I am ready to lay rug on my new bamboo floor


    Wow! Such detail and beauty!

  • Hipcycle

    We are all drooling over these.... so you might want to hose them down before use.... (Just kidding! But if they get dirty, you really CAN hose them off outside!)

  • Armstrong Studio

    perfect for all kinds of places outside and in between

How much am I excited to have these on the site? WAaaAAaaAAY excited!!! Industrial chic? Man cave necessary? Channeling your inner (or outer) musician? Yes, yes, and yes.

Spring is coming so early here on the East Coast that a Robin just knocked on my window and chastised -- yes, chastised -- me for not putting more of these in the yard. $45

a 100% increase in our upcycled clipboard collection due to these nifty little babies. $8

Could I be more excited that we are carrying Terracycle products? No, no I could not. Eco-friendly product in an upcycled bottle! $6

Not only a great upcycle, but your plants are guaranteed to slide right out with none of that irritating "plant muffin" stuck to the bottom. Only $10 for a limited time.

Save the whales! Lobster trap rope, now, by law, must sink rather than float. What do with all that beautiful and colorful rope? I know! Doormats!

As they say in Boston, this is "wicked cool." Dozens and dozens of washers and other metal doodads rescued from the dump and welded together one at a time to make this bowl. Considering the work involved, a bargain at $90

Those plastic straps around cardboard boxes drive me nuts, both conceptually, and actually. This can is the first thing good known to humans to ever come out of them.

Hear about that truck accident recently in Germany that spilled sauerkraut all over the road? The 'kraut was probably in an industrial-grade food barrel like this. After all that trauma the poor barrel went through, give it serenity in your backyard next to a downspout.

Save the American Farm! And the obsolete machinery from it! Contemporary design never felt so comfy. $420

You know when you buy something on-line, it arrives at your doorstep, you take it out of the box, and it's EVEN BETTER than you thought it was going to be (and you expected it to be awesome)? This cloche is one of those things.

How many products do you know that combine alcohol and fire? Well, OK, those firebreathers in the circus, but c'mon, you can't buy one of those. They'd be dangerous in your living room anyway (your drapes wouldn't stand a chance.)

These are so elegant. My favorite kind of upcycling: at first glance you can't even tell you just made the dump a tiny bit smaller.

Love it. I think it radiates secret magic powers. Hear that? (buzzzzzzz.....hmmmmm....)