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Comfy Cottage Pie - PRESSURE COOKER recipe

Comfy Cottage Pie – Speedy Brit Comfort Food

Pressure Cooker Review: WMF Pressure selector

Pressure Cooker Review: WMF Perfect Plus – Excellent

Buh-bye RAW chicken and GUMMY rice - this pressure cooker chicken and rice recipe gets them both right!

PERFECT Pressure Cooker Chicken <i>and</i> Rice

How to pressure cook three beans at once - and make a salad out of them!

Pressure Cooker Three Bean Salad – SUPER FAST!

Super-quick Lemon Marmalade - the secret is in the pressure cooker!

Make a Super-Fast Lemon Marmalade under pressure

"Due to their safety and convenience, electric pressure cookers are rapidly replacing age-old stove-top pressure cookers. However, no one has tackled writing quality recipes for them until now. This is the only book that covers this appliance with new knowledge in a practical and lively manner. Highly recommended.Q—Robert J. Wang, CEO, Instant Pot Company

creme caramel pressure cooker recipe

Easy and Chic: Pressure Cooker Creme Caramel!

pressure cooker rasgulla indian dessert

Indian Sweet: Bengali Rasgulla – Puffed Cheese Spheres

Move over quinoa, here comes a grain that is just as cute and nutritious!

Millet! It’s the new quinoa.

Pressure Cooker Review: WMF - safety systems

Pressure Cooker Review: WMF Perfect Plus – Excellent