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Facebook Management team

Mark Zuckerberg: Founder & Chief Executive Officer

  • Mags Killerx

    hi, how do i add friend for playing games without getting blocked from facebook. thank you

  • Stephanie Wilson

    im being blocked unfairly mark. im falsly accused of being abusive. is there a way to appeal that decision to block me?? ive been waiting 2 weeks now 4 a reply. thank you mark. btw, im a fan of you.

David Ebersman: Chief Financial Officer

  • Hitomi Kumasaka


  • Stephanie Wilson

    im being blocked unfairly. can you guys do something? its been two weeks of my unjust punishment. im been waiting 4 an email & have yet to receive one. im on pinterest too. please get back to me.

David Fischer: VP of Advertising and Global Operations

Dan Rose: VP of Partnerships

Sheryl Sandberg: Chief Operating Officer

  • Stephanie Wilson

    please unblock me. i wasnt being abusive. its been two weeks now. how do i appeal the decision?? im still waiting 4 an email.

Elliot Schrage: VP of Global Communications, Marketing and Public Policy

Mike Schroepfer: VP of Engineering

Bret Taylor: Chief Technology Officer