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DIY water closet / bathroom floating shelves and decorations

How to have no man ever look at your boobs in a sexual manner ever again.

I can never unknow that this is a thing.

Seriously?! Come on, people!

  • ChicagoElly

    I would totally give one of these to Ted. He has a hard time remember these things and admittedly I would have a hard time remembering all of these things about him. I'd make it not pink if I expected him to actually put it in his wallet!!!

No, people! Be yourself! You don't have to diet yourself into misery to get married. Obviously, he already knows what you look like and loves you the way you are. Do yourself a favor: Love yourself just as much.

Halloween costumes have reached an all-time low: behold, the Slutty Muppet.

Awesome. Steal your phone and your money all at the same time.

Because nothing says delicious like a mouth full of glitter?

Knit Your Own Perfect Boyfriend. First of all, you never know just what will turn out to be your perfect. Mine turned out to be in a wheelchair. Maybe that is why so many miss their right one?

"Shabby Flower earrings." Is it just me, or do these look like nothing but dryer lint on earring posts?