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What should we call nursing?

RN, BSN :) Boom. Roasted. Eat that nursing school.

Nursing School Binder how to organize it and what to include. Great post for pre-nursing students!

Nursing Skills Playlist 75 videos some of these are nice refreshers!!

New doctors. Expectation/reality. Nurse humor. Nursing funny. Registered Nurses. RN.

Should I Become a Nurse? - - #Nurse

Should I Become a Nurse? - GomerBlog

Santa's H&P after getting admitted to the hospital!

Ho Ho Hospitalized | A Christmas Admission | ZDoggMD

*** A complete collection of original give and take humor ecards.

Give and Take Medicine (Good Doctor and Nurse Humor).

Complete collection of original sedation ecard nurse and doctor humor memes

Sedation Humor Ecard Collection (It Won't Put You To Sleep)!

Complete collection of original diabetes humor memes and more!

Diabetes Humor Meme Collection.

CDC flowchart tells healthcare workers who they can blame when they contract Ebola virus. Cracking me up.

Heart blocks-- I pinned this in muscles because it has to do with the heart. This is very helpful and a great way to study. By making things rhyme, you can easily memorize something. This relates to our chapter because even though we aren't learning about heart blocks, it has to do with terminology for the heart.

Frazzled-razzle-rn: Creating a Nursing Portfolio

Frazzled-razzle-rn: Creating a Nursing Portfolio

SPIDERMAN! Know your droplet precautions.

Lmao. Nursing humor at its finest. Or my version after a 12 hour shift... I came in on a hoyyyyeeerrrr lifffftttttt