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one of my favorite things to do in my favorite city

Take a trip in the Buick Encore along the Pacific Coast Highway. For more on the journey follow @Buick.

Bixby Bridge, Big Sur, CA

Hedgehog Pencil Holder - Ananas à Miami

The Sleeping Bear - I want this so bad.

good god - I was OBSESSED with the Black Stallion movie as a kid. As a matter of fact, when i turned 12, i worked at a stable everyday when not at school and saved up enough money in a year to buy a horse. Guess what i arab of course!

  • Kim Harm-Vega

    Now thats dedication heather long

  • Kim Harm-Vega

    Now one question how do you work at a stable when your 12

  • Laura Headley

    I own one of the five horses used in this film as Black. He turned 20 this year and is Egyptian related from racing lines. He is one of the gentlest horses I have ever owned in my more than 40 years of owning, leasing and riding horses.

  • Laura Headley

    To answer your question Kim, minors working at barns in my generation were not unusual. They mucked stalls, groomed and fed the horses, usually in exchange for catching rides on horses that needed exercised or to work off part of the board payment for their own horses.

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I still feel traumatized by the scene where Tiffany gets kicked : (

emmet otter's jug band christmas still blows me away to this day.

charlotte's web still makes me cry like a baby when those little spiders are flying away...

One of my favorites - Riki Tiki Tavi.

literallyunbeliev... - site that posts comments from people who think the stories published in The Onion are real...

This blog, i swear, it written about my young dog, Cash. - laughed until i cried - some funny, FUNNY stuff.

World’s best Mac and Cheese recipe

Ice-cream cupcake. just saw these at Coldstone and had almost blacked out.

coming soon from the compound...homeade apple butter