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Here's a nice set of materials for building a food web and playing a food web game.

Steps to soil formation.

Grass seeds and soil in a CD case. Great way to see the root system, and it sits up by itself! Art Projects for Kids

Amsel, Sheri. “Ecology.” The Dirt on Dirt -- Why is Soil Important?. Exploring Nature Educational Resource. © 2005 - 2012. June 13, 2012.

Almost Unschoolers: Soil Horizon Pudding Parfait

BLM NSTC Soil Biological Communities for Kids

3 layers of soil

Here's an idea for creating a food chain on a ribbon. I like that the arrows show flow of energy.

Interactions Between Living Things and Their Environment

Ecosystems rap! My students LOVED this!

Relationships in Ecosystems. It shows the energy being transfered from plant to animal to other animals. Can also be a great lesson for our unit on communities and populations!

Modern Animal Silhouette Printables 6 Freebies

How to measure the clay content of your soil...great to add to the soil unit!

Student working on Soil Permeability and Porosity lab: from