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Unschooling is Awesome

DIY stuff plus other awesomeness collected for my family

And the counterpoint to the last post I pinned, "When the World is Your Classroom {Why We Don't Use Formal Curriculum}" - we don't use formal curriculum at all, or at least not as it's "intended," and this is a good explanation of how we learn!

"Gray, with co-author Gina Riley, conducted a survey of 75 adults who were unschooled for part or all of their childhood. Among the surprising results of the survey, published in June in Psychology Today, was that 83 per cent went on to some form of higher education, and 44 per cent had received or were studying toward a Bachelor’s degree or higher — despite the fact that most never received a high school diploma."

Is unschooling the "easy way out"?

  • Lauren Cephus

    What a great site...we are unschoolers but as a product of formally educated parents, one who is a school teacher as well as my 16 yrs of Catholic School; I used to second guess my decision to educate my six children in an unschooling environment....I can identify with many of the thoughts on this site.

My Top 50 Favorite Posts About Interest-Led Learning, Unschooling or Self-Directed Learning in 2012

DIY LEGO Ninja Hat out of a Ski Mask- so fun for little boys!

A day in the life of radical unschoolers

Unschooling Lets Kids Control Their Own Minds and Activities

  • Grace C

    What would you do if they said they wanted to go to school

Maidentrip, A Documentary About Laura Dekker, Youngest Person to Sail Solo Around the World

“Children do not need to be made to learn about the world, or shown how. They want to, and they know how.” ~ John Holt

A College Education Can Now Be Found On The Internet for Free

Comparison is the thief of joy - Theodore Roosevelt