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Cushing's Disease Infographic

An In-Depth Look at Cushing's Disease in Dogs |

Homemade Natural Dog Treats: Making homemade natural dog treats with natural ingredients is easy, inexpensive, and you probably have all the ingredients in your pantry right now!

Homemade Natural Dog Treats

recycling craft- turn girl scout cookie cases into kitty scratch pads. would be great as a service project for an animal shelter.

A pet-cam that lets you video chat with your pet when you’re at work. You can also set it up to give him a treat! This is ridiculous and I need it.

When you make your own dog food always keep this in mind: a dog's diet is composed of 50% meat or protein, 30% carbohydrates and 20% vegetables. Always maintain a balanced diet for your dog so that you are sure that he is getting enough of what he needs. A deficiency on nutrients is bad, but so is over consumption of them.

food that are bad for guide

This pillow is so cute! I love how you can personalize it with your own dog's name "pronunciation" and "definition" so you can fit it with your dog's personality perfectly! This site has the greatest pet gifts or gifts for pet lovers!

Repurpose drawers this would make a cute pet bed

PETS AND PESTS . . . Original Blue Dawn . . . Bathe dogs. It kills fleas on contact. Also great for fleas in house. Mix 2T dawn & warm water in lids. Leave around house under night lights & the the fleas jump in :). Orkin pest control told this trick :) - OR Sprinkle Borax over your carpets & leave on for hr or so - kills the fleas. (NOTE: Borax may be toxic to cats)