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Magnetic Travel Games

Magnetic Travel Games

Nickelodeon "Desk Thing" Lamp Organizer

Very Rare Nickelodeon Desk Set Lamp Working Free Shipping | eBay

Converse EFX (I never had this exact brand as a kid, but I do remember getting the cheaper goo shoes that were sold at Payless)

  • Tammie Puopolo

    I had these, I wish they were sold in my size. I saw them on ebay, I would do anything if I had this pair again. I love them.

Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers Party Balloons

Saban Power Rangers 6 Balloons Vintage 1995 Party Supply | eBay

Read a Mat

Converse Made in USA 8 | eBay

Pokemon Vintage 1999 School Set - Pencil, Pouch, Sharpener, Eraser, and Ruler

  • Amy Withem

    I'm not sure something only 13 years old counts as "vintage". LOL

  • Leighann Adams

    i had one of these!!! i actually have a small picachu toy no bigger than an inch that i got the same time i got this when i was little

The Rolykit. What I most remember about this was the commercial that played all the time on Cartoon Network ("My kids call it the roly poly!")

Opbergsysteem "ROLYKIT" - Museum Rotterdam

VHS Tape Holder Storage Case

Storage Organizer Cabinet | eBay