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Nursing mnemonics

RN Head to Toe Assessments | Nursing Assessment Head To Toe

Nursing School Made Insanely Easy--more good info

Nursing School Made Insanely Easy

o Gradual symptoms o Symptoms are related to cognitive functioning o Memory loss o Mild disorientation o Trouble with remembering words or numbers o Have trouble learning new ideas o Early: § Forgetfulness § Impairment of new learning § Gets lost easily § Difficulty with remembering numbers § May have insomnia o Later: § Inability to remember familiar tasks § Agitation § Wandering § Inability to articulate needs § Delusions § Hallucinations

Even artichokes have hearts.

nursingnerds: Pneumonia: an accumulation of fluids secondary to the inflammation of tissue, which interferes with gas exchange.  Signs and Symptoms: fever, cough, chest pain, chest tightness, chills (upon auscultation of the chest, you will hear crackled breath sounds or diminished breath sounds at the bases). Diagnostics: chest x-ray, sputum culture, WBC, ABGs.  Drug Therapy: antibiotics, analgesics, steroids, antipyretics. Nursing Care: teaching about medication and O2 therapy is needed. Flui