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History Lessons

XKCD - A History Of The United States Congress. Once again Randall Munroe shows himself to be the undisputed king of the info-graphic (previous favourite used in many a maths lesson). My knowledge of American history is poor, this in fascinating and informative and does an amazing job to pile an entire modern nation’s political history into one diagram.

This is a fun, unique way for students to learn about the Bill of Rights. In the first part of this activity, students work in cooperative groups to read about, discuss, and determine the rights that are most important to them. The rights are written in kid-friendly language. The second part of this activity is a mini-book that students will create.

Use the interactive map of the original 13 colonies to learn more about each colony or city, understanding the history of settlement and disputed lands in American history.

Free online game for practicing state locations - State name is announced and player must click on state. Game keeps score and shows the correct locations for states that are missed.