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Really, really, really, cute idea for Valentine's day.

Very Christmassy Catnip Mouse for kitty this holiday.

OMG. How can you resist that face. Oh, yeah, and they are wearing cute holiday scarves.

Three headed dog a la Fluffy from Hogwarts. This one is really well done.

Crocodile eats dog. What a great idea for a costume. Love, love, love it.

You've heard of the cat that ate the canary? This is the canary that ate the cat. Pretty funny.

Headless Horseman Costume. Now this is a costume my labs might actually wear. Great idea.

Terracotta Chia Pet Dog by LupitasChicBoutique. This is the most original Halloween costume I have ever seen for a pet. The foliage is removable, but why would you?

This Halloween collar has a great vintage feel.

Dog party confetti. A great idea for New Year's Eve.

I love this harlequin holiday dog collar.

And now, a great, girlie dog collar for the holidays.

Winterberry Holiday Red Tartan Dog Bowtie Collar. Isn't this a great idea?

Really funny cat tutu. As I always say, any day is a good day if you can wear a tutu.

Cemetery Halloween Dog Treats: Headstone, Casket and Bone.

I would marry her in a heart beat!

Pugs are the best. They always look so forlorn—the sweater has nothing to do with it I'm sure.

He looks so happy in his snuggly reindeer suit.

Lucky puppy this Christmas.

Hot cocoa dog for all of the winter holidays.