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Fun gifts for white elephants

Queen Latifah shares the best holiday gift ideas for stocking stuffers to steal and swap.

For your mid-century loving friends // Pink Flamingo Earrings

  • Cheryl Novak

    I can't understand why these would be a white elephant gift! LOL!

Bring on the giggles with Mustache Wine Charms

Wouldn't want anyone to get confused...

It never hurts to be prepared... ?

Get your thumbs ready! 'Star Wars™ Lightsaber Thumb Wrestling' Book

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Of course everyone wants their house to smell like hershey's. Right?

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Because who doesn't want a hedgehog who helps them around the kitchen?

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For your friends who want to hello with style.

For the ladies who educate!

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Stop monkeying around and infuse your tea the RIGHT way! :D

For your musically inclined friends, like me ;) Get 'em a little something to get jazzy with!

Stop your loved ones from blindly wandering the aisles!

  • Lori Du Verger

    Love your new show btw!

  • d delong

    These are great. The carry them at a local store here called catching fireflies.

  • Chris Fulton

    Use these all the time. It hangs on a board in the kitchen, when you use the last of something check it on the list so it can be picked up on next store run.

  • Jennifer Henninger

    Where do I get one

Simson Flat Tire Repair Kit // For those adventurous friends that are on the go all the time.

A book of fortunes without the cookies!

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For your friends who have plants everywhere... except their ceiling!

  • Samantha

    Uh, while kind of a chic idea, the fundamental nature of plants will work against this idea. Epiphytes would probably work fine for this, but any other plant is going to reverse itself and try to grow back towards the ceiling.

  • Sandra Kujawski

    It works for tomatoes why not flowers and plants as well? I'm gonna try it!!!!!!!!

  • SLK More

    You could use vine plants if you could find a way to contain them...

  • Christa Mahoney


  • Lorraine Montross

    Want them hanging in my sunroom

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Talking Mustache Keychain

You can't forget these essential cooking tips... when you're WEARING them!

Where my Jersey ladies at?

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