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Gizmo gifts for geeks

Guy Kawasaki shares the latest and greatest holiday gift gadgets for tech lovers—futuristic finds for computers, cameras, phones and all sorts of electronics.

Monster gave me one of these: wireless, sweat proof, and built-in mike

Bought this today and love it already. Can't wait for my next hangout tomorrow.

Eat, geek, sleep, repeat pillow.

Awesome cleaning slime.

Device Charges Your Phone With The Heat In Your Coffee

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Cool Tools: A Catalog of Possibilities by Kevin Kelly

  • Pam Keith

    Good book and lots of ides. Great for women too!

Learn how to rock it...

Pigs can fly...

Real men use Big Green Eggs and charcoal.

Instagram Purse Brown Beige Felt by krukrustudio,

Dump & Change for babies from Sauce Hockey

Fuji X100 focus ring with tab by Schnickerbocker--so you can use manual focus better.

Bracelet key, no more putting keys in your pocket. Great for jogging and wearing pocketless pants.

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Nest Protect smoke alarm

Flavor water with lemons, limes and oranges

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How cool is this? Get your own customized Twitter window decal

Universal Travel Adaptor with Dual USB Charge Ports

Fireproof and waterproof data storage by ioSafe.

Lodge camp ovens and grills because real men cook with fire.

  • Robert Lancaster

    Mannly men, takes one to lift it. Cooks great!!

  • Katie Farnsworth

    dutch oven cooken is the life for me

  • Cortney Salazar

    I'm a better outdoor cook than my dad, brother, or boyfriend. Forget the real men crap.

  • Kitt McAuliffe

    …What is this doing on the tech board???

  • Brigitte Hearst

    Real men? Oh, they had been away from home like their grandfathers had done the camping oven for the ranchers. However, the pilgrim women cooking with the dutch oven for the men. And the witches love to brew and the gypsies cook for a whole family. So we, the women, like to cook the dutch oven outside and look out our little children playing.

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Logitech Harmony Hub Turn your iPhone or Android smartphone into a universal remote