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I have tattoos, so I'm a trouble maker. I have curves, so I'm fat. If I wear makeup, I'm fake. If I say what I think, I'm a bitch. If I cry some times, I'm a drama queen. If I have guy friends, I'm a slut. If I stand up for myself, I'm mouthy. Seems like you can't do anything now a days without being labeled. So what, go ahead and label me, see if I give a fuckkk . Re-post this if you're proud of who you are!

Puts Russia in a bit of a different light, doesn't it? ("Sunflowers and nuclear disarmament - WTF fun facts")

People with awkward and weird personalities tend to make the best friends. wtf fun facts

Conclusion: Rapists should be put on a leash.

The Ben and Jerry's pint lock. Ben & Jerry's actually sells this!!!!

BRRRR! It's cold outside! Stay warm, folks!!!!!!

Cool Forts You Should Build Today!

30 Facts… Embrace the random knowledge

LMAO-Your new teacher did what?!?

Dinosaursharkbird. So funny. And terrifying.

I see no point in furthering my education anywhere other than Finland.