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Grow Your Best Fall Garden Vegetables: What, When and How by motherearthnews: For gardeners wanting to get the most from the time they have, here’s expert advice on planting and growing fall garden vegetables. #Garden #Fall

Grow Your Best Fall Garden Vegetables: What, When and How

Apple Tree, raised beds, strawberries, vegetables growing in fenced yard

Stepables, a grassy replacement for walkways and small areas - soft and cool to the touch, and the more they get stepped on, the more they thrive!

Cantitoe Corners vegetable garden.

Cantitoe Corners: Martha's Vegetable Garden

A necessary mini cactus garden.

From Ezter with Love: Sterke jongen

The top 10 container plants that repel mosquitoes naturally

DIY Succulent Planters Of Used Bricks. We have half a dozen bricks for some reason...

Ideas for DIY Succulent Planters Of Used Bricks

Save those tins and teacups for this DIY: How to Plant Succulents for the Kitchen from Young Austinian.

Planting Succulents in Recycled Containers

Even patio gardeners can now include raspberries in their bounty. ‘Raspberry Shortcake’ stays a tidy 2- to 3-foot-tall mound—perfect for pots. Yet the berries are full-size, and very sweet

Everything you need to know to plant a Container Garden. Get planting!