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St. Patrick's Day

bucket o plant...take home gifts? with a gold card tag that says, "Thank you for being a part of our growing love today!"

Yay! Kids and I were looking for a fun St. Pat's project to decorate our school board. Awesome.

Adorable! I love to make mischief and this shows how! How To Make Leprechaun Feet . . . because you asked for it!

April Fools' All Practical Jokes: Plant Some Laughs (Doughnut Seeds). Plant Some Laughs (Doughnut Seeds) Give this double-take seed packet to a budding gardener or slip it into a cereal fan's lunch box. Simply print our doughnut seeds envelope. Cut it out, then fold and glue the bottom and side flaps. Add a handful of frosted O-shaped cereal (such as Frosted Cheerios) and seal the top flap. [I'm trying to copy and paste that pattern but so far it's not allowing me to do it]

cut out



Shamrock Stringer

St. Patrick's Day Printable