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Get off your lazy bum Jessica!

5 Ways to Fix "Mom Posture" // simple mom

Yoga Poses for Runners: Seated Spinal Twist. Running is all forward and backward so you're essentially stuck in the same position for however many miles. Twists can help loosen and lengthen the spine, and can ease a stiff neck and shoulders after a long run. #SelfMagazine

Christine WOD 3 rounds for time: 500 M Row 12 Body weight Dead Lifts 21 Box jumps 20 inches Can you do it in under 15 min?

"I do a 10-minute ab workout that boxer Manny Pacquiao invented— you can find it on YouTube. It’s about 20 different versions of crunches, and you do 25 seconds of each nonstop. It’s brutal, but it really works!"—Shawn Johnson, four-time Olympic medalist.

Pinner says...Its true.....The fastest way to lose 10 pounds.... I'm addicted to these... I do 100 each time ... They work

Strike a Pose: Parent-Child Yoga Tone your muscles and calm your minds with these simple stretches for two.

Yoga for Kids: Celebrating Summer with Sun Salutations

This move works your upper/lower/side abs... hard but at least 15 a day everyday for 3 months will do your body good.

Tabata protocol is one of the most effective and best fat burning workouts out there. The best thing about it…you only have to do about 20 minutes of tabata intervals to get the same aerobic benefit and calorie burn as running several miles or slogging through 40 minutes on the elliptical trainer.