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I need Graham to make this for me :)

Image:Build a Round Pen Step 3.jpg

Free Saddle Rack Plans - How to Make a Saddle Rack

Patriotic. I can use the old wooden table top I already have. Check out the website to see more

Image of Daisy Hardcastle Outdoor Wooden Storage Box and wellie boot store

A beautiful DIY vertical garden decorating a small patio

It's a 50', and the top line is 3'2", in case you were wondering. Click on picture to enlarge.

DIY: Vertical Pallet Garden with Colorful Pots I love pallets - I just keep finding more cute stuff to do with them!

Another idea for a verticle garden...

Homemade Baby/Dog gate. Or, full size door for the laundry room. Love the hinges.

Storage trunk built from reclaimed pallets.

Burlap Wall Organizer - would definitely help organize papers off of a small desk space---in the office for bills that have come in