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My Brutus 10 Homebrew Build

The equipment I'm using to build my Brutus 10 brew system. It's scheduled to be completed in March 2012. I'll add gear as I go along. Note: The links I post to some of the website occasionally break (I don't know why). If you can't find what you're looking for, post a comment and I'll give you the updated link. Disclosure: some of the links are affiliate links which earn me a commission ('cept the broken ones) but you won't pay a penny more.

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Aluminum pilot tubing is used to connect the Honeywell valves to the pilot burners on the MLT and HLT. $21.60

These gas control orifices are used on the 6" BG12 burners (Part CVO125). They are drilled to low pressure are 1/8" M NPT x 3/8". $19.95

UPDATE: The thread size on these is too large for the BG12s, but I'll keep the pin in case other people have saved it. I'm not using them though. These low pressure orifices are used on each burner. They also double as a control valve. $7

Two of these type A male camlocks are used on the Therminator plate chiller. $3.70

Bargain Fittings

A transformer is needed to step down the 120V power to the two 24VAC gas valves. This goes in the control box. It's heavy as hell. $27.95

  • Brian Eckert

    I see that it has primary and secondary connections, does that mean that one of these power both valves?

  • Homebrew Academy

    I tried only using one couldn't get it to work, got frustrated, and just bought another. So I have one for each valve and they work great.

  • Brian Eckert

    More questions about this - did you wire the red and orange wires at all? Seems like I just need to use black & white, right?

Threaded stem casters make the Brutus mobile. I'm using two locking and two non-locking casters. Make sure they fit the tube inserts and can take the stand's weight. $10

These are called tube inserts. They snap into the bottom of the frame and are threaded to accept casters. Just make sure the size matches the frame and the casters. $6.89

These thermocouples are a safety device. They make sure the gas can't flow if the pilot isn't lit. $3.50

Q390A1046 - Honeywell Q390A1046 - 24" Thermocouple

The pilot burner stays on throughout the brew day to fire up the burners when they're activated by the Love. $17.75

Loc-Lines are used for the kettle returns on the MLT and HLT. This is a new thing to the homebrewing world and I'm excited about them. $9.20

Loc-Line 50813 Sample Kit

Type F male camlock quick disconnects go on valves, pump inlets/outlets etc. and connect to the type B camlocks. $3.99

Bargain Fittings

Type B female camlock quick disconnects. These go on the ends of the hoses. $5.50

Bargain Fittings
  • John Moore

    Are you putting barbs on these? The website you linked recommends stretching the hose over the threads. That seems a bit iffy to me but heh maybe it works.

  • Homebrew Academy

    No barb - I stretch the tube over the threads and it worked great. Only had one small leak but I redid it and it was fixed.

This is what the finished product will look like.

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Roughly 40 ft of stainless steel is used to make the Brutus stand. I'm using 1.5" square tubing that is 0.065" thick. Priced on 6' cut, part # 4YUJ7. $33.65

  • NewTexian Brewery

    Are you welding it yourself? Or are you having it done? Also, how much did that amount of tubing cost you?

  • Homebrew Academy

    I'm having it TIG welded for me by a professional. The price for that is TBD but I'll update this board with it. I bought 7 units of this stainless steel and it came to $253.50. Not bad if you ask me.

  • Homebrew Academy

    Just noticed that link was broken. Fixed it and added the part number just in case.

  • Brian Eckert

    I opted to go the cheap route and get 1.5" regular steel. That was mistake #1 - it was a giant pain to sand it down and paint it. Mistake #2 was cutting it myself. I didn't do too bad, but it wasn't perfect as it could have been. I found out after the fact that the place I bought the steel from would have made the cuts for about $2.50 each cut. Meh.

Multiple gas ball valves are used to regulate the flow of propane to the burners and pilots. $9.95

Blichmann false bottom to be used in the 15 gallon Boilermaker mash tun. It's button louver design is meant to increase efficiency and reduce stuck sparges. $79.99

These stainless steel Tee's will attach to the valves on the HLT and MLT via cam locks. They also hold the thermowells. $4.50

Two heat shielded thermowells will contain the thermocouples (temperature sensors) and thread into the stainless steel Tee's coming out of the HLT and MLT valves. $21.00

Two Love controllers are in charge of regulating the mash and hot liquor temperatures. $95.25

  • Stephen Boyd

    Which part number is this? All of the love controllers I've seen say they have a max temperature of 131 degrees F. Is that even true? I want to make sure I get the right controllers! Let me know when you get a chance, thanks.

  • Homebrew Academy

    It's DO-93520-00. You might have been looking at Celsius - this one goes to 302F. Also, this post may help: Let me know if you run into any problems. Cheers.

  • Stephen Boyd

    I ordered these and they only go up to 158 degrees. And this model only allows you to set the temp to 150 degrees. How did you get these to work?

  • Homebrew Academy

    The specs say it goes to 302F. Look at the manual and make sure you set the r2 setpoint as high as possible. If it's not going above what it says it should, I would contact them.

This 24 VAC gas valve is open and closed by the Love controller. When open, propane flows and ignites the burners. When closed, the burners turn off. Part # VR8200A2132. $59.89

  • John Moore

    Did you have to get a natural gas to LP conversion kit for these? Wondering if it really matters if you are regulating the main gas line pressure elsewhere.

  • Homebrew Academy

    Hey John, the conversion kit comes with the valve. No need to buy separately. It's just a little spring and cap that you swap out on the valve.

6" low pressure burners will go below each kettle. The model is BG12. $16.25

  • netcodemonkey

    Were these burners large enough? I have one of these on my banjo burner and it takes way too long for a 10 gallon batch. Was thinking either of these instead: or

  • Homebrew Academy

    These burners work great for me doing 6 gallon batches but if you'll be doing 10 gallons on a regular basis you probably want something bigger. I hear those jet tip burners have a lot of problems, so I would go with that cast iron one.

  • Bronc Sexton

    Could one use a BG14? They are listed as high pressure. With that require other mods to the Brutus?

The Blichmann Therminator plate chiller. Pump hot wort through this baby and you'll cool it in no time. $199.99

Silicone tubing (1/2" ID) is used to transfer the hot liquid. It can take temps up to 500F, so it's safe. $2.10

Silicone Tubing (1/2" ID) - By the Foot | MoreBeer
  • Mark Soliday

    How many feet did you purchase? The material list says a qty of 35. I'm guessing 35 ft? How much did you actually need?

This low pressure regulator will control the propane output coming out of the tank. $38

Low Pressure Propane Regulator | MoreBeer