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Garden Club

Get your garden growing with these simple tips, inspiration, and party how-tos.

Spice up the look of your fence by adding planter boxes in unexpected places! Let blogger Stacy Risenmay of Not Just a Housewife show you how it's done. || @Stacy Risenmay

Planter Boxes on the Fence! | Not JUST A Housewife

Cooler weather doesn’t mean you have to cool it on outdoor fun. Explore the wide array of heating options available for your patio or porch that will provide enough spark to extend your time outside well into winter.

Keep Warm on Your Patio In Cooler Weather | Garden Club

Warm days and cool nights are great for planting many flowers and shrubs. Click through to find the best plants for your region, and soon you'll be digging a beautiful, new landscape.

Plant Fall Annuals and Shrubs | Garden Club

For a low-maintenance space you can use to entertain family and friends, build a paver patio. Click through for the how-to from Home Depot.

Installing a Paver Patio at The Home Depot

Put a ring on it--or around it. Rumblestones make it easy to build a raised planting bed around a tree. Add pansies, snapdragons, or mums for bright fall color to complement the falling leaves. For more ideas, such as making a grill surround or garden bench, click through to

Rumblestone by Pavestone - The Home Depot | The Home Depot

Betcha didn't know a gold mine looked like this. When you toss kitchen scraps and lawn cuttings into this tumbling composter, you can make your own "black gold," or compost that enriches your garden soil. Your flowers, fruits, and veggies will thank you--you can take that to the bank.

Can you see the tiny super-hero capes on these kale plants? Okay, we're kidding about the capes--but kale IS a superfood, packed with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, so you should grow it and eat it. Besides--isn't it pretty with these flowers? Click on to learn more from Bonnie Plants.

Growing Kale - Bonnie Plants

You don't have to stop enjoying your patio just because the mercury's dropping. Check out our tips for making the most of the outdoors in the autumn months: plant fall flowers, feed the birds, and refresh your garden containers. We'll tell you how.

Plan a Three-Season Patio | Garden Club

Thank your pumpkins. That's the least you can do, when you bake them and puree them into delicious, nutritious soups. Guest blogger Diane La Sauce tells you how.

Thank a Pumpkin: Making Pumpkin Soup | Garden Club

Those gorgeous coleus in stained-glass colors you grew all summer don't have to succumb to frost. Click through for Martha Stewart's tips on rooting cuttings that you can carry through the winter and return to your garden next spring.

Martha Stewart | Garden Club

If squirrels keep gobbling up your birdseed, take action! This cute birdfeeder will make both the birds and your wallet happy as it prevents unwanted pests from eating or knocking out the food.

Perky-Pet Squirrel-Be-Gone Country Style-338 at The Home Depot

When the mercury's dropping and fall arrives, it's time to prep your patio for the changing weather. Click through for tips on getting your patio and garden ready for cooler weather.

Prep Your Patio and Garden for Fall | Garden Club

Don't let plants steal the show - let the planters get some of the attention! Blogger Erin from DIY On the Cheap shows you how to put a twist on planters with some creative use of painters tape. || @Erin @ DIY On the Cheap

DIY Chevron Planter - DIY on the Cheap

For fall color that will last until winter, plant a garden surrounding your mailbox filled with plants in shades that mirror the changing leaves.

Give Your Mailbox a Fall Makeover | Garden Club

Garden blogger Diane LaSauce grows gorgeous daffs (daffodils) in her Virginia garden. Plant spring-blooming bulbs in fall, and summer blooming bulbs after the last frost in your area.

flowers that bloom in the spring ~ fa-la

Take some time in the fall to get your lawn ready for the winter. We have fall lawn tips at The Home Depot's Garden Club.

Get Your Yard Ready for Cooler Weather | Garden Club

A lush, green and healthy spring lawn starts with fall fertilization. Get a better understanding of the why's and how-to's of fall fertilization with this easy-to-follow fall fertilization infographic.

Fall Fertilization Infographic at The Home Depot

See the green in this picture? Sure, it's a lawn--but it also represents the green you'll save in your wallet when you use an Iro 8 Smart Irrigation Controller. The app auto-schedules watering only when your plants need it. You'll save time, money and a precious natural resource.

A DIY scarecrow can guard your garden or just hang out in your yard. We'll show you how to make him-- just click through.

Make a Scarecrow for Your Garden | Garden Club

Fall for this: tips on fertilizing your lawn in autumn, so you can enjoy lush, green, glorious grass next spring. This infographic explains how to read those numbers on the fertilizer bag, too!

Tips for Fall Fertilization | Garden Club

Every spring, homeowners hope for beautiful grass that will rival that of the local golf course. If you’re willing to put in a weekend’s worth of hard work in the fall, you’ll see beautiful results in the spring.

Prepare Your Lawn for the Fall | Garden Club

If you had a bumpercrop of veggies in your garden, don't let a single tomato go to waste. Learn how to can your own vegetables so that you can enjoy your home-grown treats year-round.

A Basic Canning How-To Guide | Garden Club

Create a creative indoor vertical garden using just a few tin buckets and pretty succulents. || @Michelle @ Ten June

Ten June: My Love Buckets

Pretty up the porch for autumn with tubs of cheerful pansies. Blogger Lucy Mercer (@Lucy Mercer) lets her daughters embellish them with paint.

A Cook and Her Books: Pansies and violas on the porch

To ensure a beautiful spring lawn and garden, put in some effort this fall. The Home Depot created a comprehensive project list to help guide you through your fall to do's. Click through for our Fall Cleanup and Preparation Guide

Fall Cleanup and Preparation at The Home Depot