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Naomi Alexandra

Naomi Alexandra

I love anything and doing anything crazy and random! I just love being happy because I'm happy!

Get creative and turn your strawberries into roses

Outdoor Furniture Made with Pallets | 99 Pallets

Would be neat for a kid's room or play room- even a classroom or art teacher's room.

reasons to see divergent... reason 1... theo james is in it... must click the link :P

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duct tape dresses for school prom... oy yo yoy (click on the photo to see more)

  • Lenore

    This is embarrassing

  • Trinity Mars

    Actually, its for a scholarship. If it saves a couple thousand dollars, hey, id do it.

  • Lenore

    Huh that's actually kind of cool! I still don't know if I'd do it though...

  • Trinity Mars

    It beats stripping to pay for college lol

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