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"Live In The Moment" by Debi Payne of Debi Payne Designs.

Live In The Moment | Debi Payne Designs


Everyday that you wake up look in the mirror and say this to yourself! You WILL have said it enough and you WILL end up believing what you are telling yourself! Self-confidence is the most beautiful thing a women can truly have! Once you have mastered yourself you WILL be able to appreciate and TRULY love the people around you!

Love family

Wisdom quotes

"never ignore a person that loves you, cares for you adn misses you. because one day you might wake up from your sleep and realize that you lost the moon while counting the stars." guys, girls will love you to the moon and back, but you say you didn't realize what you had till she left. no, you realized what you had, you just didn't love it like it loved you until she was gone.

Just because a person smiles all the time... Hope & strength!

I love you with everything I have! Your my world! Everything I say to you I am completely honest about and I mean every word, Your my life and I never wanna be without you.

  • Andrea Wise

    I love this. Wherever the years take us, I will forever call you and the McDermotts family, Annette. Love you all!

  • Annette McDermott

    Thank you Andrea. You are our family!