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Picture scavenger hunt @ reception for papparazzi guests!

GREAT IDEA! Take a picture of exactly how something is supposed to look (i.e. centerpieces, place sttings, candy buffett, etc.) then place it on the container that has all the pieces inside it. That way whoever is setting it up has no questions and knows exactly what the end product should look like. Did this for a friend's wedding, worked perfectly.

Candy Buffet Table 101 - All the tips you need to know for making the perfect candy buffett and also a listing of bulk candy dealers :o)

Green Apple Centerpieces

"meet the maids" for the reception. great way to show the maids off :) they spent $$$ on a dress, shoes, hair, etc.. and are proud to be standing up there next to you, why not make them feel special too?! :)

Kissing Game - something like this would be funny. especially since the clinking glasses ALL NIGHT LONG could get bothersome. I am SO doing this! It would be hilarious!

Glue 3 picture frames together with no backs, then place a flameless candle inside to illuminate the photos.

have this waiting for guests on their chairs for them to read while waiting for the ceremony to start

DIY :: Use dollar glasses, rubber bands, and spray paint to make beautiful candle holders.

I never knew this..."Bridesmaids sign the bottom of the brides shoes. Tradition says that whoever's name doesn't wear off by the end of the night is the next one to walk down the aisle." FUN!!

Every guest puts their fingerprint on the tree and signed their name. At the end of the ceremony, the bride and groom added their fingerprints on the swing hanging from the tree. Adorable, replacement for a guest book!

crayons and butcher paper for the kids, because I remember dozens of weddings at the reception of being bored to death while mom and dad talked to everyone in sight