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fromthecornersofthecurve: Curves Ahoy! Instagram: Calliethorpe

just stop it. We're not public property and you have no right at all to say anything about us.

This woman is so sexy, and really helped me to love myself! The forever gorgeous Tess Munster

real fairy tale

A new Sauceome comic! They can't sell you things unless they can convince you you're not already happy.

this is what's happening right now just in reverse. Think people think! I know I've already pinned this but I need to again.

comfortable In Your Own Skin Via Style Has No Size

{made a collage of all the '7 Wonderlicious Girls' images because they are fab; link is to the blog and they have a free reading app in the itunes store}

  • Alex Riots

    That is a much better idea- lol, I just pinned all of them the other day. I love them.

  • Maren Johnson

    I got the originals from your pins, Alex - I wanted to see all of them together and link it to their site... so I did :)

  • Alex Riots

    Lol, I do think it looks a lot better this way! Much more practical- I bow to your ninja computer skills

  • Maren Johnson

    Aw, thank you! I'm glad you like it.

Domino Dollhouse - Plus Size Clothing: Wednesday Dress

Small pattern and a cool belt. Love yourself. No guilt. love yourself. No guilt. plus Size. Full figure. Curvy. Fashion. BBW. Curves. Accept your body. Body consciousness Fragyl Mari supports you!

ronfancy: shewhorollswithrolls: chubby-cupcake: Today was a doodling kind of day so I drew this cute lil princess. Fat, sassy, always classy! awww ♥ This makes my eyes bleed and is adorable at the same time.