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Jacky Suiveer

Jacky Suiveer

44 years old, from the Netherlands. Fun, sparkling, ready 2 forgive&forget!

Friends... my sister and I used to do this over the heating vents in our night gowns and once we were in Toronto and chuckled about it as we passed over a subway vent wishing we were wearing dresses

He will always have a place in my heart and soul that can never be filled again and i will always love him more than I can ever love anyone else

  • Margarita ♥ Lopez

    ....... Woah :0

  • Ɗaωƞ ℱཞoՏt

    just because someone broke your heart doesn't mean they are a bad person. I wouldn't want someone to feel bad off the next 50 years just because they broke up with me when we were young... when we could both move on & be happy with someone else.

  • Lauren Vincent

    If the first heartbreak is supposed to be the worst then what do you learn from each experience? My last heartbreak was the worst. Then I met the man of my dreams and married him :)

  • Joe Smith

    My last heartbreak was my worst. .. I've never felt more lost and confused. ... In a crowded room i feel entirely alone...

"Maybe not today, or tomorrow, or even in a year, but eventually things will turn up and you will get better and be able to look back and say with relief, 'I made it.'"

Antoinette Social Stationery Set by Rifle Paper Co.

breast cancer survivor

  • Nancy Davis

    You are a beautiful inspiration !!!

  • Jammey Howard

    My mnl needs this!!! Shes a Survivor!

  • Jennifer Burrhus

    I planned to get this a long time ago. I was thinking of getting "heaven is amazing" with either an angel wing or a lady bug on each side. its the phrase that was written on one of my best friend's grave stone.

  • Geri Rister

    planning final stages of reconstruction (nipples) in six weeks. This is beautiful.

  • Amber Coffman

    Laura- I think this pic ended up here because it is inspiring an relevant. I'm glad your friend has never had cancer but I am also glad her tattoo is on here to inspire those who do. :)

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