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Calendar Label Freebie :)

The Inspired Apple: A Colorful Canvas Calendar + A Freebie!

Up! | 31 Incredible Bulletin Boards For Back To School thanks for sharing this @Brooke Muriel Ferguson!!! I love it!

31 Incredible Bulletin Boards For Back To School

What's the password? Sign FREEBIE!!! This is a great FREE way to get your students practicing their sight words, vocabulary words, math facts, etc. every single time they walk into your classroom! Simply print this sign, laminate it, and hang it outside your door. Every day write a new sight word, vocabulary word, math fact, or spelling word on it. Before the students can enter the classroom, they have to read the word, define the word, or answer the math fact.

What's the password? Sign (FREEBIE!)

A list of questions you should ask during your job interview, plus my own reflections on interviews I've had over the years.

Personal Word Wall FREEBIE! I use this in my classroom by putting the 2 sheets on the inside of a file folder. The students keep it in their desk and whenever they want to know how to spell a word (and it isn't on our big word wall), they give me their personal word wall and I spell the word for them. You could use this for any grade and any subject! You could use it for content specific vocabulary words, unit spelling words, sight words, etc.

Personal Word Wall (FREEBIE!)

Classroom Management - Blog Hoppin' Linky (for PBS bucks) Students put their school "bucks" in that pocket in their school box to keep them safe!

Permanently Primary: Classroom Management - Blog Hoppin' Linky

Command hooks and a tension rod create a super easy anchor chart stand!

Fun With Firsties: Snow Day Activities & Holiday Hoopla

This I Have . . . Who Has . . ? game consists of review questions about the characters, plot, and other elements of the novel The Giver. It includes 28 question cards, arranged four to a page, plus a sheet blank cards in case you would like to add questions of your own. $

I Have . . .Who Has . . ? the Giver

Options for those early finishers in your classroom.

First Grade Fancy: I'm done! Now what? {Famous words}

we'd have to change the words up a bit, but I think this could be done for our volunteers on a house shaped card for the binder clip pic holders.

Reminders because I ALWAYS forget to remind at the end of class! So smart!

Clutter-Free Classroom: Polka Dots and Spots Themed Classrooms

Dear Parents: If you promise not to believe everything your child says happens at school, I'll promise not to believe everything he says happens at home.

Music cues for the classroom---need to check this out for iPhone or iPad. Cool idea for getting students' attention without using words!

Music Cue on the App Store on iTunes

They wrote theirs hopes and dreams in balloons and attached a picture of themselves soaring with them. Make "Oh the Places You Go" Bulletin Board!

Pandora in the Classroom

Hippo Hooray for Second Grade!: Pandora in the Classroom

At the beginning of every month, everyone starts off in the homework club. If they turn all their homework in on time, then they get to stay in the club! If they don't then they are out of the club. Students who turn all their homework in for the entire month get to come to our monthly homework club lunch.

4th Grade Frolics: Monday Made It July 1!!!!! What?!

Field Trip Report Forms - make a fun class book or a bulletin board after students return from a field trip. A great way to save memories!

social skills practice the process then make the chart