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Words carry weight

My better half and I have been talking about buying a house because our place is too small and outdated. And he said to me, "I'd stay in our little townhome for the rest of my life it meant I could also stay as happy as I am right now." That might be the best compliment ever. And I totally agree!

I DESIRE, WANT & NEED for my husband to understand, feel and believe like this so that our love and marriage thrives, and I need to do the same

You deserve someone more but you don't seem to realize that and it's selfish but I hope you never do. I will buy you flowers for no reason and always be there to kiss your face and make you soup when you're sick and be there to listen when you want and leave you alone when you want. If you'll let me.

learning to focus on my husband and our future family...nothing else matters!

For my husband... Because being together is EVERYTHING.

I hope my future husband talks to Heather so she can tell him to read this....

These are the words I want inscribed on me and my future husbands wedding bands.

Not sometimes..I am ALWAYS wondering how I got so damn lucky!! Thank you my love!!! Forever I am ever grateful to you, the best thing to EVER happen to me!!