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Makes me laugh

I can't stop laughing, and I know it is SOOOOOO wrong!!

Funny Picture Dump Of The Day - 100 Pics

how to tell if your dog is involved in a sex scandal.

Get a life and stay off my page you gross scum bag!! Lol I only know you exist because you stalked my page! Say something to my face. IVE OFFERED TO WHOOP YOUR ASS! You wouldn't come outside lmao! Did your punk ass forget! Loser please! Maybe now you'll stay off my page!!! Go do what you do best lmao!!!! SSI bum!! Haha! I'm done stooping! I'm too classy to engage a welfare bum! Bye Felicia! #LMAO

11 More Of The Best/Worst Local Business Slogans

HaHas for HooHas: Because funny women need funny eCards » You know You’re a Mom When…

You Know You're a Mom When


Morning coffee (39 photos)

This is awesome!

He was sorta asking for it…

Veterinarian: Go to school for 8 years, learn everything an MD does but for 6 species, make less than a nurse with a Bachelor's degree.

Corny puns make my life!

Punny Animals | Funny As Duck | Funny Pictures

Just Tyrion Pimpin

9GAG - Forever Alone No More!

Too hilarious.

A guide for really bad parents…

I'm guessing he probably did have a sense of humor.

That awkward moment: When you walk through the metal detectors at the airport, and your abs of steel set them off. Happens to me all the time.

Funny Apology Ecard. Haha he sent this last to me after I was wrong about our trip next week. :-/ could not help but laugh at him.

When I breastfed Thomas there was a huge recall on formula due to bug parts in the mix. Thankfully boobs don't have bugs in them.

Words of wisdom

"Invisible" cat. Made me crack up!