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Calgon take me away

When I get bored, I like to call in sick to places I don't work. Today I'm getting written up at Kohl's

The Things We'll Do When Bored...

Lorde of the Rings! LOL

Much enjoyment -

Well played IKA...well played!

This would make me laugh.....all day long....I want to do this for the porch HAHA

I love being able to shop online in my jammies and slippers without worries about finding pictures of myself on People of Walmart!

I have a Super Power. All the dirty laundry, dishes, floors, I'm the only one that sees them in this house.

TRAMP STAMP! I laughed way too much at this

I don't care about Disney lying about my Prince Charming, I'm more upset about forest creatures and their unwillingness to clean my house.

LOL I know HOW to fold them...but it is just easier to wad them up.

My house is as organized as the $5 DVD bin at Walmart!