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GIF. If you're having a rough day, here's Wilf dancing wearing the antlers.

It's a mobile phone!

"For England! For Gallifrey! For Middle Earth! For.. For...For the love of God, Slow down! This isn't Top Gear!!!!"

Twitter / 4SylvesterMcCoy: "For England! For Gallifrey! ...

I DOOOOOO!!! And I'm Santa!!

Two hearts breaking… both of them his.


Yes, Patrick. It is. - over 8000 searchable emotipics!

I do love Matt Smith as the 11th doctor, but there's something about David Tennant as the 10th doctor.... 10th has a special place in my heart

  • Amethyst Kelly

    Love 9! He's my favorite. You can't start half way through the story and understand it. Pick up a book and start 1/2 way through you won't truly like the book

  • Mauricia Walker

    My first Doctor was 4. Man I'm old, lol!

  • Mauricia Walker

    My hearts belong to 10 though!

  • Lydia Holtmann

    My first doctor was 8 and I had the biggest crush on him! 9 brilliant! 10 was amazing! 11 was special! And I can't wait to see what 12 brings to the table!

  • Kate T

    11 was like that weird older brother and 10 we all had a crush on 9 was that super cool uncle that like you just want to hang out with

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This hurts so much and yet I love it too.