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Fangirl - In the TARDIS

Doctor Who TARDIS Tea Infuser $19.99

Doctor Who TARDIS Tea Infuser
  • Tania Lewis

    The new Dr is really something. I love how you have defined him using the red lining of his jacket. A classic pose for him.

Doctor Who Angel Death Trap Shirt $19.99

Doctor Who Weeping Angel Death Trap T-Shirt

Pretty cool doctor who parenting but when the kid reaches 8 and finds out its not real.... His life will be over, at least I know mine would!

Tell the Doctor The Face of Boe wants a word with him

Tell the Doctor The Face of Boe wants a word with him

Well then, I didn't need to be emotionally stable this year anyway.

Wibbly wobbly | Fresh Brewed Tee

Doctor Who

  • Tarrie Revenant

    Who, by the at, will point out that they are both aliens is reality, and that you should be careful what you wish for.

  • Tarrie Revenant

    *by the way....Touchscreens....

My SKIN, er, I mean, Cheese!!!

  • Amanda Bergstrom

    Oh look it's a Bitchy casserole

  • Paula D

    moisturize me

  • Montana

    Well wouldn't it be something other than "moisturize me"?

  • Montana

    Since she's cheese?

  • Paula D

    In the pic, this is cheese. In the show, she's just a flabby piece of skin that constantly says "moisturize me" but you'd know this if you seen the show in reference...

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The TARDIS - you can never have too many...